Signs of the Times #63


The Politics of Climate Change

Part 2


Originally posted, Nov. 26, 2019.


Quotes of the Times:

“We’ve got to ride this global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic and environmental policy.” Timothy Wirth, director of UN Foundation, (former US Senator) quoted by, Michael Fumento, in Science Under Siege.


“This Paris climate accord is not just some accord or the other. It is a central accord in defining the contours of Globalization.” Angela Merkel, press conference, G7, Italy, May 28, 2017.


“Basically, it’s a big mistake to discuss climate policy separately from the major themes of globalization.” Ottmar Edenhofer, German economist and UN IPCC Official, NZZ Online Sunday,


“But one must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore.”  Ottmar Edenhofer ‘Climate policy is redistributing the world’s wealth’ Interview with Bernard Potter,, Nov. 10, 2010.


“This is the story about how a theory about climate, turned into a political ideology…

It is the story of a distortion in a whole area of science… This is the story of how a political campaign turned into a bureaucratic bandwagon… This is a story of censorship and intimidation…” ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’ Channel 4 Documentary, (see below for link).

The politics of climate change, have several legs, going back into the recent past. The agenda of the Club of Rome is one leg, another is the political and social conditions in Great Britain from the post-WWII years, up until the government of Margaret Thatcher (1979-1990).

Great Britain’s industrial revolution and its empire was built on coal, and Britain has a lot of coal. This meant that coal was big business in Britain. It also meant that the coal miners and their unions had considerable political power and influence. In the 1960’s and 70’s the coal miners began to wield that power through frequent strikes for better pay and conditions. In 1974, strike action, reduced the country to a three-day work week for over 2 months, because there was not enough coal to keep the coal fired electricity plants operational. That winter has gone down in British history as, ‘the winter of our discontent.’

This was all occurring when the scientific consensus of the day, was that we were going through a period of global cooling (from 1940 to 1975) – as documented by a BBC documentary called ‘The Weather Machine’ (incompletely available on You Tube, see links below). Which was hyped in the media that we were all going to die in a new ice age. And it appeared to be so, because ‘the winter of our discontent’ was made even more miserable, because that winter was one of the coldest ever recorded.

When Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister in 1979, she was determined to break the power of the miner’s unions. Therefore, she needed a stick to beat them with. A stick that would generate public opinion against them. She found that stick in Sweden. In Sweden, at the University of Stockholm, there was a professor of meteorology, called Bert Bolin and he was teaching that there might be some hope of avoiding the coming ice age if we burnt more coal. He postulated that if we burnt more coal, we might be able to heat up the planet. But it was just an idea, and Bert Bolin, was not sure if it would work, and he offered no scientific proof that it would work. Nevertheless, this was enough for the politicos in Britain. Bert Bolin’s ‘idea’ was the stick that Thatcher was looking for. She went to the government’s ‘pet’ scientists threw some money at them, and said prove that burning coal will cause the world to come to an end. And because they were the government’s pet scientists, they duly obliged. This has all been documented in a BBC documentary called, ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’ (see below for link). Thatcher’s scheme worked. There was a last great struggle with the miners in 1984-85, characterized as, “the most bitter industrial dispute in British history” (BBC News, ‘On This Day’ Dec. 20, 2014). The miners lost the battle, many mines were closed, and the coal miners never threatened the political establishment in Britain again.

The miners lost the support of the public, in large part because of Government and Media propaganda about coal being an environmental hazard – backed up by this new Bert Bolin theory, that burning coal would cause the world to warm up – but with a new twist. Whereas Bolin, postulated that warming up the world would be a good thing, and save us from a new ice age, things were now reversed. Burning coal and warming up the world was now a bad thing, and it would lead to catastrophic climate change. Thus, the global warming scare was launched and started rolling down-hill. It was launched for political reasons to achieve a political end. It is still rolling down hill, for political reasons to achieve political ends. And as it has been rolling down-hill since the 1980’s it has been gathering momentum and allies, until it has grown into the monstrosity that we have today.

A large number of allies jumped on the Global Warming juggernaut when the Soviet Union fell. The fall of the Soviet Union left communists and other left leaning politicos without a home. The ethos of communism is to destroy modern society and remake it. The only difference between Communists and Socialists is that the Communists want to do it quickly through revolutionary means, and Socialists want to do it slowly, by capturing the democratic process and using democracy against itself. But the goal is the same, the manmade, socially engineered paradise on earth. So, after the fall of communism in Russia, the major means to that end was gone – what to do? Where could they now congregate to achieve their utopian goals? They found a new base, from which to launch attacks against their opponents, in the Green Movement. Modern environmentalism, is no longer about the environment. It is about using environmentalism as a vehicle to drive the world to the ideological goal of the Left, which is, the manmade, social engineered, Utopia on earth. And the end always justifies the means, therefore, even if the science is wrong about Global Warming/Climate Change, if the hoax gets us to the finish line, it justifies the lies and deceit.

Another ally that the global warming juggernaut picked up, on its collision course with reality, was the United Nations. The United Nations has always been a left leaning institution. The role of the UN is all about global governance. The left is all about a global Utopia, so the Left and the UN are natural bedfellows. But in addition, the UN has a special interest in the Left driven global warming scam – they see money.

The UN has always labored under a great disadvantage. They are totally dependent on the financial contributions of the member states. The nation that contributes the most to the UN budget is the United States. Therefore, the UN has to be subservient to US wishes (the US has often withdrawn financial support when the UN tries to act independently). However, the UN is working towards taking control of the Global Warming tax scam – by doing so it will have created an independent revenue stream – and having independent revenue means that it can act independently. This is why the UN has set up the Intergovernmental Committee on Climate Change (ICPP) to take the lead on all things relating to the climate. It is also why the most alarming statements on climate change come from this committee. When the ICPP was first set up in 1988, guess who became its first chairman? Yes, ‘coal burning man’ Professor Bert Bolin – ‘burning coal can change the planet man.’ Is it any wonder that coal became the instant enemy of mankind, followed quickly by oil – and virtually everything else that sustains our modern civilization.

To be continued…


God bless,

Bruce Telfer.


PS Carbon dioxide is not a poison, it is a vital element of life on this planet. Plants love it – its plant food. Plants cannot get enough of it. Where there is more CO2, plants use less water – that is why desert areas around the world are looking greener – more CO2 reverses desertification.

CO2 is currently only 0.04% of the earth’s atmosphere. The warming is caused by that big heater in the sky called the sun. When the world warms the oceans warm too. When the oceans warm, CO2 which is trapped in the oceans is released into the atmosphere. Global warming is what produces more CO2, and not as the propaganda has it, that more CO2 is what produces warming. Global warming and more CO2 are a blessing for the world and not a curse. If we had more CO2 in the atmosphere commercial vegetable and fruit growers would no longer have to pump it into their green-houses to get a bigger and better crop.

Unfortunately, the sun has now gone into a cooling cycle and it may remain there for some time. For more information about the cooling cycle google ‘solar minimum.’


Note: The Channel 4 documentary, ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’ can be viewed here:


Note: The BBC made a documentary in 1975 called ‘The Weather Machine’ in two parts. Part 2 includes the fact that the scientific consensus in the 1970’s was that the world was about to experience a new ice age. An edited/censored version of part 2 can be viewed here:

Some of the edited/censored reporting about a coming ice age can be viewed here:


Note: A synopsis of ‘The Weather Machine’ documentary which does mention a coming new ice age is available on the BBC website here:

In the synopsis it is stated: “The next ice-age is already overdue.”

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