Signs of the Times #81 – The Weaponization of Everything

Signs of the Times #81

The Weaponization of Everything



Originally posted, March 19, 2023. 


Quotes of the Times: 

House passes ‘weaponization of the federal government’ panel among 1st week priorities ABC News Headline, Jan. 10, 2923. 

A new House panel investigating the “weaponization of the federal government” held its first hearing on Thursday… NPR Headline, Feb. 9, 2023. 


“I think there’s an argument to be made that the FBI has now just become a weaponized apparatchik of the presidential administration.” Steve Friend, FBI whistle-blower, 


“Why Social Media is the New Weapon in Modern Warfare” Headline, Knowledge at Wharton, journal of the Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania, Jan. 17, 2019.  


“Over a very short period of time, a handful of tech geeks have become among the powerful figures in all of politics and war.” Peter Singer, co-author of ‘Like War, the weaponization of Social Media.’ 


“Objectivity has got to go.” Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, editor-in-chief, San Francisco Chronicle. 


Recently there was a movie produced, about the early days of Winston Churchill, during WWII. The movie was essentially about, should Britain follow the example of France and seek a peace deal with Germany. Winston Churchill was the Donald Trump of his era. He was a polarising personality. One either loved him or hated him. He had many opponents and opposition within the British political establishment. The leaders of the opposition were Neville Chamberlain (former Prime Minister, deposed to make room for Churchill) and Lord Halifax (the foreign minister). Churchill led the ‘war must continue party’ within the government, and Chamberlain and Halifax led ‘the peace with Germany party.’ The issue came to a head in parliament, where Churchill was due to make a speech on the best course of action – was it going to be peace or war? On that occasion, Churchill made a history changing speech in favour of continuing the war. At the end of his speech the members of parliament went wild with enthusiasm – they gave him a standing ovation; they showered him with utmost praise – he had convinced them to with his words.  His speech had convinced them all, to support the ‘war party.’ The movie ends by focusing on Chamberlain and Halifax. Chamberlain turns to Halifax and ruefully askes:

“What just happened?” 

Halifax realising that the ‘peace party’ had lost the debate, replied:

“He has ‘weaponised’ the English language and sent it into battle.” 

To this day Winston Churchill is the most quoted person on the planet. The reason why he is the most quoted person, was because he was a ‘wordsmith.’  He knew how to use language as a ‘weapon.’ Words were like a sword in his hands, slashing and cutting away at his opposition, until he had defeated them. His ability to use language to motivate and promote his political and/or war agenda is now legendary.

Language has always been ‘weaponized.’ ‘Weaponized language’ used to be called propaganda. Now it is called ‘political correctness’ and more recently ‘wokism’ (political correctness on steroids and/or advanced political correctness for political correctness graduates).

Perhaps the example of Churchill, has been the inspiration, for the warping of everything into a weapon for the promotion of pollical agendas and/or ideology. For example, scientists are no longer just scientists. Science used to be conducted for the noble cause of advancing knowledge. That is no longer the case today. Scientists have become ‘political hacks.’ Science has become a ‘weapon’ in their hands to promote their own version of political correctness, wokism, political agendas or the official narrative of the day. One only needs to witness, a US Supreme Court nominee judge, not being able to define what a woman is, to understand that there is something seriously wrong with the way people understand and use science today. Another example is the politicised scientists (the experts such as Dr. Fauci), who brought upon us the horrors of lockdowns, masks, social distancing and mandated vaccinations, all justified by their ‘weaponised science.’

But science is only one example. Now everything is weaponised. Children no longer go to school to get educated, they go to school to get indoctrinated and ‘weaponised’ against their parents and society in general. The purpose of education used to be, to teach children how to think, and how to solve problems. Now the purpose of education is to teach children what to think, and to teach them to rely on the government to solve their problems.

The same applies to all institutions and services, government, media, law, military, etc. etc. everything has been weaponized for the purpose of political agendas and ideology. We are living in a Stalinistic, Hitleristic, Faucistic, Pfizeristic,  Bidenistic, demonistic madhouse – where war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, diversity is equity – where men can have babies and babies watch transvestites prance/dance.

There is one word that has been weaponised more than any other, that word is ‘sustainable.’ Heinous crimes are going to arrive at your door and my door, in the not-too-distant future, in the name of ‘sustainability.’ You see, you (and I) are not sustainable. We are a burden that our stressed out ‘mother earth’ (Gaia) cannot sustain much longer. We eat too much, we drive too much, we fly to much, we breathe too much – we are too much of everything. Everything will soon be governed by the magic mantra ‘sustainable.’ Test case: The Netherlands, where the government wants to shut down vast amounts of agricultural production, because the nitrogen levels produced are not ‘sustainable’ – if they succeed there – the same will happen everywhere. Which means that food production will fall worldwide. Which means that famine will stalk the world. Which means that food prices will go up. Which means that the poor will die – all in the name of ‘sustainability.’

However, for those of us who survive, the most frightening weaponization is yet to come. The banking and finance industry have been fiddling with Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), since recent technological upgrades made it a possibility. This will eliminate cash and all banking and finance (including shopping) will be digital. They have already launched a pilot programme in Nigeria (probably a test case like the Netherlands).

What does digital currency mean for us? It means that, if they don’t like you, they can turn your money off. They can turn it on and off, depending on your compliance. They can control how much money you spend of fuel. “Sorry you’ve used up your monthly allowance for petrol, you can’t buy any more until next month.” They can control what sort of food you can buy. “Sorry meat is no longer available for you; you have to buy that processed insect stuff.” They can geo-fence you. “Sorry you have just left the 15-minute sector of the city you live in. It is illegal for you to be in the neighbouring sector, that’s why your bank card does not work there. Get back to your legitimate sector before the police arrive.” “It has been ascertained that you are not in compliance with our social and political policies – access to your account is denied – for a period of 10 days.” “It was been ascertained that you are still not in compliance with our social and political policies – access to your account is permanently denied.”

“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:  And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Rev. 13:16, 17.

God bless,

Bruce Telfer.

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