Signs of the Times – part 34

Signs of the Times – part 34


Originally posted, Feb. 22, 2014.


Quotes of the times:

You are kidding yourself if you think World War II-style internment camps will never happen again.”  Antonin Scalia, US Supreme Court Justice, Feb. 3, 2014.


“There is a very large probability that the real end of the world will occur around March 4th 2014.”  Paul Volcker, ex-Federal Reserve Chairman, Washington Post, October 25, 2012.



What do you think? – if seven rock stars committed suicide in one month, or if seven movie stars committed suicide in one month, it would be all over the main media – right?  There would be endless speculation about what this meant – most people would suspect that there was some connection between the ‘suicides’ – and everyone would be wondering if it was a sign of the times.  Well, the facts are that within the last month, seven top and middle echelon bankers have committed ‘suicide’ in America, Europe and Hong Kong – but main stream media is ignoring the piling up of dead bankers.  In addition, a prominent Wall Street reporter went for a walk a month ago and never came home (no trace of him has been found).


Not even the suspicious manner of the banker’s ‘suicides’ can arouse the interest of the media.  One of the bankers sent a text to his girlfriend saying he would be home for dinner soon, and then committed ‘suicide’ by jumping from his office building.  Another banker committed ‘suicide’ by putting eight nails from a nail gun in himself.  The media is not interested – why not?   [But you can find it reported extensively on the internet – just google ‘dead bankers’].


Of course there is much speculation (on the internet) over what this means.  Does it point to the fact that these dead bankers were about to divulge information that was just a little too ‘sensitive.’  [There are multiple fraud investigations for criminal activity, in the banking sector, being conducted at this time].  Or perhaps there is some substance to a very strange statement that Paul Volcker said in 2012, that: “The end of the world would occur around March 4th 2014.”  No doubt Mr Volcker was not referring to the end of the literal world but the end of the financial world (as we currently know it).  Whatever the reason, seven dead bankers in one month is surely a sign of the times – something is amiss – the probability of large bonuses for the bankster boys, this 2014th year, has declined considerably.


Hypothetically speaking, if there were people powerful enough to bring down the financial systems of the world, would they not do it at a time when they could exercise the maximum benefit for themselves?  [It is possible to exploit a global financial collapse to earn massive amounts of money – even more than in an expanding growing economy].  Hypothetically speaking if there were such people powerful enough to do such a thing, would they not have to coordinate and cooperate and perhaps even set a date when they pull the plug?  [All it would take would be for a few strategic and large payments (loans that are due) not to be made and the knock on/domino effect would bring the whole house of cards down].  Paul Volcker is a classic ‘insider’ – beware the Ides of March – hypothetically speaking.


God bless, Bruce Telfer.

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