Signs of the Times – part 37

Signs of the Times – part 37


Originally posted July 25, 2014.


Quotes of the Times:

“What is going on now in Georgia is a test case.  This is about the Russian view of the New World Order versus the West view of the New World Order (world supremacy).  If Russia wins it will validate the Russian view of the New World Order.”   David Bakradze, (chairman of the Georgian Parliament), interviewed by BBC (Hardtalk programme), Aug. 12, 2008, on the reason for the Russian/Georgian war, 2008.  [The current conflict in the Ukraine is simply a continuation of the struggle for world supremacy as mentioned by David Bakradze – same conflict, different location].


“In order to control the nations (of the world), you have to control oil.”  Henry Kissinger.


Kissinger’s formula for world supremacy worked very well, for many years.  As long as the world’s oil (and all international trade) was conducted in American dollars, then, this would allow America, not only to ensure its own economic prosperity, but also enable it to dominate the world politically. The American control over oil came to be known as the ‘petro dollar cycle’ (or just plain ‘petro dollar’).  This petro dollar mechanism meant that the nations of the earth had to first earn American dollars before they could purchase oil (or most other traded products).  America’s part in the cycle was to simply print the dollars.  The petro dollar cycle always kept the price of oil unnaturally high – the higher the price of oil – the more demand there would be for American dollars.  This system ensured that America flourished, because all it had to do was print dollars in order to import the world’s goods and services (essentially getting much of the world’s goods for free).  Is it any wonder that America was prepared to go to war to protect the ‘petro dollar cycle’ – such as removing Saddam Hussain and Colonel Gaddafi?  [In spite of all the media hype about freedom and democracy these two wars were about ensuring that oil continued to be traded in American dollars].


However, recent events have conspired to place this cosy petro dollar scam in jeopardy once more.  Do you remember the Hegelian Principle? – [When one nation or alliance of nations becomes too powerful, then another nation or alliance of nations will organize themselves to oppose it].  Hegel called the first power ‘thesis’ and he called the second power ‘antithesis’ he called the aftermath of the conflict between the two powers the ‘synthesis.’


America has not been without allies in its bid for world hegemony (dominance).  America is the leader of an alliance of nations called the ‘Western Alliance’ made up of the NATO countries (Western Europe) plus Israel, Australia and New Zealand.  This alliance is the ‘thesis.’  The rest of the world has tolerated this ‘thesis’ for many years largely because of the Cold War (after WWII) and the world-wide sympathy that America garnered after 9/11 – but now they’ve had enough – the antithesis has arrived, and it is getting stronger and it is getting angrier.


The ‘antithesis’ is manifesting itself in several ways.  One organisation is called the Group of 77.  But if you visit the organisation’s website you will find they actually have 131 nation state members  [When it was originally formed there were 77 members, the others have subsequently joined].  A check of the membership discloses that not one member of the Western Alliance is included.  Therefore, the Group of 77 (131 nations) is the antithesis of the Western Alliance, and virtually represents the whole world in opposition to the Western Alliance.  [The only prominent country not included is Russia – this is because the Group of 77’s original focus was as an advocacy group for developing counties – Russia considers itself already developed].


However, Russia has been actively working with the most prominent members of the Group of 77. Together they and known as the ‘BRICS’ (an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).  The BRICS are considered to be the up and coming economic powerhouses of the future – between them they already represent 20% of the GDP of the world.  These five nations have just recently created another ‘front’ in the battle against the dominance of the American dollar and American hegemony.  A summit meeting between the BRICS was held 14-16th July, in Fortaleza, Brazil.  After the meeting the BRICS announced the launching of the ‘New Development Bank’ with an initial capitalization of $100 billion.  This bank is a direct challenge to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, both of whom have been prominent agencies in the rise of the American Empire and American hegemony.  Following the Brazilian summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Argentina, telling an 18 July press conference that China and Argentina would collaborate for the “reform of the international economic and financial system.”  The Argentine President, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, was singing from the same song sheet, when she said:  “A world in which some dominate others, and exist at the expense of others, isn’t going to be possible.  Cooperation and ‘win-to-win,’ in which we all win, must be the centerpiece of a new global model, and in this we are absolutely in agreement with the People’s Republic of China.”  [Argentina is currently in a major dispute with the Western banks over billions in unpaid loans].


However, the most serious attack on American dominance has been through the rapid and large scale abandoning of the American dollar as the instrument of international trade.  It is hard to keep up with the number of trade deals that are currently being done between individual nations that are denominated in currencies other than American dollars.  Generally, each of these nations, have concluded trade deals that are done in their own national currencies.  Nations that have already done this include Russia and China, Iran with India and China etc.  But the most surprising of all are Australia and New Zealand who have recently concluded the same sort of arrangements with China.  This is particularly significant because Australia has always been a staunch member of the Western Alliance (New Zealand also, but not as staunch as Australia).  Is this a case of the rats leaving the ship before the looming disaster?  Will there be unfortunate consequences for this ‘betrayal?’  Will other Western Alliance members be putting on their life jackets and attempting to abandon ship without permission from the captain?


These are portentous signs of the times.  Almost all major wars begin with economic ‘skirmishing’ – the likes of which we are witnessing now – “All wars are economic wars” A. J. P. Taylor, (British historian).  As this battle for the supremacy of the world develops and escalates, we can expect to see even more bizarre events occurring, than what we have already seen.  [Such as, aircraft mysteriously disappearing and aircraft being blown out of the sky].   These bizarre events always further someone’s agenda (whether by accident or design).  But please do not expect to be told the truth about these matters – Winston Churchill said it best when he said: “In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.”


God bless, Bruce Telfer.

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