Who is Jesus? – Introduction

Who is Jesus?


Jesus has many names and titles. The following are a few of the names and titles that we find in the New Testament for Jesus:     

‘Messiah’ – ‘The Word’ – ‘Son of God’ – ‘Son of Man’ – ‘Son of David’ – ‘Redeemer’ – ‘Lamb of God’ – ‘Second Adam’ – ‘High Priest’ – ‘King of Kings.’

All of these names and titles have something to say about Jesus; either about him personally, or about his mission. These are all names and titles that New Testament authors have applied to Jesus. Here are some more that Jesus applied to himself:                           

‘Light of the World’ – ‘Bread of Life’ – ‘Good Shepherd’ – ‘The Judge’ – ‘The True Vine’ – ‘The Door’ – ‘The Way’ – ‘The Truth’ – ‘The Life’ – ‘The Resurrection’ – ‘Lord and Master’ – ‘Alpha and Omega.’                        

And we not only find such a plethora of names and titles in the New Testament, but we also find them in the Old Testament:

‘Wonderful’ – ‘Counsellor’ – ‘Mighty God’ – ‘Everlasting Father’ – ‘Prince of Peace’ – ‘Sun of Righteousness’ – ‘Suffering Servant’ – ‘Holy One’ – ‘Rod’ – ‘Branch’ – ‘Shepherd’ – ‘Seed’ – ‘Root of David.’

One would expect, that the disciples of Christ, who knew him best, would understand who Jesus is, because they spent three and a half years with him, and they were personally taught by him. However, even they were confused and even astounded about who Jesus is – when Jesus stilled the water on Galilee their reaction was: “What manner of man is this!” (Matt. 8:27).

We are told in the writings of Ellen White, that the ‘science of salvation’ is much more complex than we understand or appreciate, much more complex than any earthly science:

The science of salvation is the most important science to be learned in the preparatory school of earth… The opportunity of learning the science of salvation is placed within reach of all…There is a science of Christianity to be mastered – a science as much deeper, broader, higher, than any human science as the heavens are higher than the earth.   CT 19, 20.

Surely, if we are to comprehend the glories of the science of salvation, we need to start with ‘who Jesus is’ – we will begin with one of the grandest titles given to Jesus – ‘Jesus is the Creator.’



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