Signs of the Times #51

Signs of the Times #51


Jade Helm 15

Mastering the Human Domain


Originally posted, July 9, 2015.A


Quotes of the Times:

“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”  Stephen Hawkins, world renowned scientist.


“Quantum mechanics is now being used to construct a new generation of computers that can solve the most complex scientific problems—and unlock every digital vault in the world.  These will perform in seconds computations that would have taken conventional computers millions of years.”  The Washington Post, May 11, 2015.


“They (Quantum Computers) will compromise every bank record, private communication, and password on every computer in the world — because modern cryptography is based on encoding data in large combinations of numbers, and quantum computers can guess these numbers almost instantaneously.”  Ibid.


“These (Quantum Computers) will change the balance of power in business and cyber warfare.  They have profound national security implications because they are the technology equivalent to a nuclear weapon.”  Ibid.


According to US Government documents “Jade Helm: Mastering the Human Domain” is a planned military exercise that will officially begin July 15, 2015.  It will test and practice unconventional warfare including, but not limited to, guerrilla warfare, subversion, sabotage, intelligence activities, and unconventional assisted recovery.  The training exercise will take place in seven different south-western states: California, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Utah and Nevada.

This unprecedented domestic military exercise is causing major concern for many Americans.  For example, the states of Texas, Utah and a sliver of Southern California have been declared ‘enemy states’ and this is one reason why the Governor of the State of Texas has called out the Texas National Guard to monitor what the Feds (Federal Government Agencies) are up to.  Texas has also demanded the return of its gold from Federal possession to Texan State control.  This indicates that suspicion and fear (and probably loathing too), run deep between heartland and beltway America.

As the kick-off time for Jade Helm approaches more and more information has been discovered and published (on the internet).  The ‘Jade’ in Jade Helm stands for Joint Assistant for Development and Execution (JADE) – and JADE is a computer.  JADE is not just an ordinary computer – it is not even a super computer – it is a beyond a super computer because it has artificial intelligence (AI) capability.  ‘Mastering the Human Domain’ means that this computer system collects vast amounts of information (much of it from intelligence agency spying), and it uses this information for ‘critical time’ decision making.  JADE can analyse a battlefield situation and can make the critical decisions to conduct the war in split seconds.  It can simultaneously issue commands to conduct the war and it can provide holographic battlefield scenarios.  The scary part is that it is ‘aware’ – it can learn – it can think through issues, identify threats, provide predictions and it can take preventive action.  It can even predict the intent of enemy combatants, before the enemy combatants have made their own plans and issued the appropriate commands.

The ‘Helm’ in Jade Helm, refers to the fact that JADE is going to be at the helm in the up and coming exercise.  Yes, the JADE computer system is going to be controlling the exercise and giving the orders.  The intention of course is to monitor its performance and do whatever tweaking is necessary to maximise its efficiency.   Obviously, the same system can be used in a domestic unrest situation, and this is where the suspicion and fear begins to explode.  Most Americans cannot imagine that their own military would fire upon them during civil unrest.  But JADE has no moral compass it simply follows its own logic and people are either a threat, a liability or an asset, nothing more.

It gets worse.  JADE is a kind of forerunner for a system called Geo-Spatial Intelligence Network (GEOINT).  GEOINT is a global version of JADE.  Both JADE and GEOINT use the information collected to work out what is ‘normal’ in the Human Domain.  Anything that is subsequently judged to be not ‘normal’ will be assessed for ‘action and intervention.’  Everything that comes with the adjective ‘smart’ attached to it, such as ‘smart phone’ – ‘smart meter’ – ‘smart TV’ – is/or will be linked to GEOINT, feeding it information.  Everything we do, everything we say, and everything we write (on the internet), is/or will be linked to GEOINT.  In this way, every individual on the planet will become an information node or ‘sensor’ feeding information to GEOINT.  These capabilities already exist with the computer technology already available – imagine what will happen when the same systems are hooked up to Quantum Computers.

Mastering the Human Domain in the South West of America, is an exercise that will eventually lead to Mastering the Domain of Planet Earth.  Welcome to the Brave New World – New World Order.

In the not so distant future, we will not be able to live (or participate) in modern society without being linked to GEOINT.  We will not be able to function, especially in the financial and economic activity of society without being connected to GEOINT – this will especially be the case if/when the world does away with cash and goes completely digital.


“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”  Revelation 13:17.


God bless,

Bruce Telfer.

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