Signs of the Times – part 10

Signs of the Times – part 10


Quotes of the Day:

”Take heed that no man deceives you” – Jesus Christ. Matt. 24:4.


”And many false prophets shall arise and deceive many” – Jesus Christ. Matt. 24:11.


“What is one to do when, in order to rule men, it is necessary to deceive them?” – Helena Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society and New Age prophetess.


“In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies” – Winston Churchill.


”By deception thou shalt do war” – Mossad (Israeli Intelligence Agency) motto – according to ex Mossad agent, Victor Ostrovsky.


“Oh, what a wicked world we weave – when first we practice to deceive” – sounds like Scots poet, Robbie Burns – but it is not.

Everybody believes in conspiracy theories – absolutely everyone – there are no exceptions. It is just that personal preferrence will prefer one theory above another. For example, the official dogma is that 9/11 was a conspiracy theory, cooked up in a cave in Afghanistan. Of course we all know that there are other theories out there about 9/11 that are not official dogma. One would think that we would know which theory is true, by simply looking at the facts. Sherlock Holmes (the famous fictional detective) used to solve his crime cases by the use of two principles. The first was: ”who benefits from the crime?” And secondly: “when the impossible is eliminated – whatever remains – must be the truth.”

But, unfortunately this is not how it works, facts are not important, what rules in these instances is emotion. Emotions such as patriotism [have you ever heard of: ”my country right or wrong?”]. Emotion of course is not in itself a bad thing. But emotion without reason leads to spiritual blindness [have you ever heard of: ”love is blind?”]. This is why emotion has always been the best friend of demogues like Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin – where the appeal to the people is always in terms of emotion and not logic – and thus deception thrives.

Even Jesus Christ belived in conspiracy theories, he said to the Jewish leaders: ”Why are you planning to kill me” (Jn. 7:19). The death of Christ was a great conspiracy involving church leaders, government officials, and one his own disciples.

And, even Time Magazine on its front cover for Feb. 24, 1992, admitted that conspiracy theories, are actually conspiracy fact. The Time cover stated that President Reagan and the John Paul II ”conspired” together to bring about the fall of communism. But this of course is a ”good” conspiracy so it does not really qualify as a conspiracy theory, because we have all been taught that all conspiracy is bad, but what Reagan and the pope accomplished was ”good” therefore it cannot have been a conspiracy – such is the logic employed by the anti-conspiracy lobby.

In fact conspiracy is everywhere and people do conspire together, to make things happen – if something happens we can be sure that someone, somewhere wanted it to happen (except for geniune accidents). We are taught that history is just a random sequence of events – this is utter nonsense – if you think it logically through this means that all of us as individuals live our lives making random decisions and we therefore must be living lives, as a series of random meaningless events.

Conspiracy has been the modus operandi in the affairs of mankind for thousands of years. Even the Roman Catholic Church boasts of their accomplishments in the area of conspiracy. In the Time article about how Reagan and the pope conspired together, they quote the former Vatican ambasador to the United States, Archbishop Pio Laghi giving this advice to Vernon Walters [President Reagan’s ambassador at large]: “Listen to the Holy Father. We have 2000 years’ experience at this” Time, Feb. 24, 1992. [Remember: the article is about how these powers conspired together to deceive someone else – so the Archbishop (soon to be cardinal) was admitting to a history of conspiracy by the Roman Catholic Church.

Conspiracy theory is constantly ridiculed, by pointing at the many and varied “over the top” and “off the wall” conspiracy theories that are out there in the marketplace. And because of these irrational and implausible theories, all explanations of events that involve an element of conspiracy are dismissed not just as conspiracy theory, but ‘crackpot theory’ as well. Using the same logic, we could argue that just because there are some members of mankind that are mentally ill – then it must follow that all members of mankind are mentally ill.

In spite of what people think, conspiracy is the norm not the abnormal. By their very nature conspiracies are secretive and deceptive. So let’s think for a moment who are holding secrets in society? What about secret societies? Do they have secrets? Let’s see what they have to say for themselves, and about themselves. Morals and Dogma is a book for the elite, upper echelons of Freemasonry, written by Albert Pike, one of freemasonry’s gurus. It is very illuminating what he reveals about secret society methods, for example he wrote: “The Blue Degrees [which are the first three degrees of Freemasonry] are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine that he understands them. Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the princes of Masonry… There must always be a common place interpretation for the mass of Initiates, of the symbols that are eloquent to the Adepts.” Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, pp. 104,105. In other words, the higher degrees of Freemasonry deliberately deceive the lower levels.

If they deceive their own members – what are the great unwashed masses to expect from freemasonry and the many other secret societies that follow the same path and use the same methods? We will let Albert Pike answer: ”Masonry, like all the religions all the Mysteries, Hermeticism and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misrepresentations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be mislead; to conceal the Truth, which it calls Light, from them, and to draw them away from it. So Masonry jealously conceals its secrets, and intentionally leads conceited interpreters astray.” Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, pp. 104,105.

History is full of examples of conspiracy emanating from secret societies. For example, a history of the French Revolution is a false history, if the activities of secret societies are not included. Another, even more obvious example, is the origins of the Nazi Party in Germany. Most historians know that the Nazi Party was conceived in secret societies – nurtured by secret societies – and taught secret society doctrine (although they do not like to emphasis this).

It is from this murky malignance, where shadows mingle with mirrors that Anders Brevik – the self-proclaimed crusader – hails from. The one who single handily blew up a part of the Norwegian Government, then ambled down the road and shot a further 70 Norwegians on an island, all because he was angry at Muslims. So this is really logical, it makes complete sense – he hates Muslims, so he shoots his own people. Oh yes, we know all about the cover story – now let’s look at the real reasons, why Norway was attacked and why the governing Labour Party was singled out for special attention. These atrocities took place because Norway has “been sleeping with the enemy” – and not just one enemy but two. Norway has been “unfaithful” to the Western Alliance.

Ever since the end of the WWII, Norway has been a part of the Western Alliance. And on behalf of NATO, Norway has been responsible for 10% of the bombs dropped on Libya. This does not sit well with many Norwegians and the Norwegian Government notified NATO command that they wanted to withdraw their support. Norway is well known for wanting to charter a milder, more independent course on the international scene. Wealth and self-sustainability breeds its own delusions and Norway has deluded itself into thinking that it can play an independent game on the Grand Chess Board. However, as irksome as Norway’s independent stance on Libya was – this is not the main reason it was attacked.

The first “wrong partner” that Norway has had “illicit relations” with is Russia. Norway has broken ranks with the Western Alliance and has been conducting an independent relationship with Russia. Please remember: the game is about who can seize the resources of the world (and the territory they are in). One of the last great untapped territories for resources is the Arctic. It is estimated that the Arctic region could hold up to 15% of the world’s oil reserves – therefore it is a prize to be fought for. America has been leading the charge for a hard-nosed collective negotiating stance with Russia, over who will control the Arctic – hoping of course to secure the lions share for the Western Alliance. Unfortunately, Norway broke ranks and recently concluded a separate deal with the enemy, thus weakening the collective bargaining stance – and encouraging others to follow Norway’s example.

Perhaps this “betrayal” on the part of Norway could have, and would have been forgiven, if it was not for the second enemy that Norway got into bed with. Norway is widely considered in international circles as being pro-Palestinian. But the Western Alliance is pro-Israeli. For the Western Alliance, Israel is the beachhead into the Muslim world. It is crucial to Western Alliance plans. It is so crucial, it is impossible for any politician in the Western Alliance to be anti-Israeli – they would never survive if they were. To even dare to criticize Israel, means he/she is dropped from the Christmas party invitation list – and ultimately it means political suicide. Many politicians have witnessed this happening to their colleagues, so they soon learn to fall into line. [Playing out their own small role on the Grand Chess Board].

The same policy applies to nations. Norway’s pro-Palestinian policy has been growing and strengthening – to the point where elements within the ruling Labour Party, felt that the Norwegian public was ready to actively support a ‘boycott Israel campaign’. For example, just two days before the attacks, Eskil Pederson (leader of the Labour Party’s youth wing) gave an interview to the second largest Norwegian daily newspaper. In the interview he said: “The peace process goes nowhere, and though the whole world expects Israel to comply, they do not. We in Labour Youth will have a unilateral economic embargo of Israel from the Norwegian side.” Dagbladet, July 20, 2011.

The ‘boycott Israel campaign’ took the Labour Youth to an island called Utøya (which is owned and operated by the Labour Youth department, where they have camping facilities). During the camp meeting the Norwegian foreign minister, Jonas Gahr Støre, came to visit (he actually advised that a boycott was not the best way forward for peace in the Middle East – click on the attached photo for better viewing).

Two days later the attacks took place. Norway was stunned – nothing like this had ever happened in peaceful Norway before – but Norway had never tried to organize a boycott against Israel before either. This is why Norwegians were attacked – this is why the Labour Party was specifically attacked – because the impetus for the boycott was coming from the Labour Party. And this is why Muslims were not attacked. Terror attacks are designed to send a message. This was not a message for Muslims. This was a message for Norwegians and this was a message for the Labour Party. And it was a message for all who might be tempted to act in the same way.

The Norwegian government understood the message. The Norwegian government will certainly hesitate to act independently again. Before two weeks were over the Norwegian Foreign Minister, was standing in front of the international media, standing beside Hilary Clinton as she read out the Western Alliance’s latest warning to Bashir al-Assad and Syria. The Syrians would have got the message too, and the message was this: “we want you standing alongside Hilary Clinton next, as we read out our next warning to Iran – if you do not, what happened in Norway is coming to you too.” [It does not necessarily follow that the American government or the CIA was behind the attacks. All politicians and governments are protected, by what is known in the trade as ‘plausible deniability’ – in other words, they have to be able to say with plausibility that they know nothing, they see nothing and they hear nothing – the real nasty business is ‘out sourced’ – secret societies are so useful – they know how to keep secrets].

It is not necessary to have all the evidence that would stand up in a court of law, to know, who recruited, trained and supported Anders Brevik. All we need to do, is to be our own Sherlock Holmes – i.e. remove what is impossible (for example, could he have pulled this off on his own) and secondly ask ourselves who benefited from the attacks? Then you will know the answer for yourself.

This is the world we live in – it is not going to change – it is time to look for a better world.

“And ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free” Jesus Christ. Jn.8:32.


God bless, Bruce Telfer.

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