Signs of the Times #55

Signs of the Times #55

The Failure of Multiculturalism


Originally posted, Jan. 28, 2016.


Quotes of the Times:

“This [multiculturalism] approach has failed, utterly failed.”  Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, Oct. 16, 2015.


“For years, even liberal Danish politicians have been calling multiculturalism a ‘failure.’”  Source: Economist Magazine,


“Refugee crisis could jeopardise very future of EU, warns French PM Manuel Valls.” Headline, Scotland Herald, Jan. 23, 2016.

The ideology behind multiculturalism is the same as that of socialism/communism (which is why socialists support and promote it).   Multiculturalism is rooted in the philosophy espoused by the French philosophers who provided the intellectual foundation of the French Revolution.  These philosophers (Rousseau being the preeminent one), taught that if we were all equal – if we were all the same – there would be no problems in the world.  Paradise/utopia was achievable if we eliminated all differences between the people of this world.  You may remember the catch cry of the French Revolution was; ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity’ (brotherhood).  According to the philosophers, true liberty could only be achieved if equality and brotherhood were first achieved.

The French Revolution was both an earthquake and a watershed moment in the history of the world – and we are still swimming in the waters (tsunami) generated by it.  This kind of philosophy (generated by the Revolution) is still rampant and dominant in modern Western Society.   It begins in the schools where serious efforts are made to turn out children who are all the same.  You may have heard of ‘no child left behind’ – where natural talent and abilities are at best ignored, or at worst, suppressed.  This kind of philosophy is wrapped up in the phrase ‘the common good’ (which is the Pope’s favourite expression/justification for his version of utopia on earth).  And, in league with the Pope, it has been the policy of all Western Governments, to promote this philosophy as the solution to the world’s problems, for ‘the common good’ of the planet.

However, the French Revolution taught us, that this kind of philosophy was bankrupt, right from the start.  Recent events have only reinforced the hopeless task that proponents of this philosophy have set before themselves.  This hopeless task, is becoming rapidly obvious as more than a million refugees have poured into Europe, with the threat of many more to come.  These people, have not been to Western schools and imbibed the ‘common good’ mantra.  They are firm believers in a totally different ideology – and they are impervious to the pleas to assimilate and become like their hosts – ie. user-friendly/passive/religiously disinclined, Europeans.  On the contrary the ‘newcomers’ are convinced that their hosts are weak, womanly, wimps – and they are on a mission to covert Europe into their own image.   And if a little bit of terror and some ‘taharrush gamea’ (see below), helps achieve their goal – then so be it.

In spite of the fact that some, like Angela Merkel, have awakening to the hopeless task they have set for themselves, others are grinding out even more preposterous policies to persist in their folly.  Perhaps the epitome of their desperation was reached recently, with a new education policy for children in Britain.  School children, in Britain, are now going to be taught, that black people were the original settlers of the British Isles (the reasoning behind this multicultural muck, is that it will combat racism).   Source:  This is not just fraud it is farce as well.

At the present time, Europe (the home of western civilisation), is acting like an abused and battered wife.  She is trying to ignore what is obvious, and constantly making excuses for violence and obnoxious behaviour.  And like the typical battered wife, she thinks if she only showed more love, if she only showed more tolerance, then the abusive behaviour would cease.  We all know how that works out.

The French Revolution did not end well – multiculturalism will not end well either.  It will result in the destabilisation of Europe.  In recent years we have witnessed massive destabilisation in many parts of the world.  Now it is Europe’s turn.  Ask yourself this question: “Who benefits from all the destabilisation?”  If you know the answer, you will also know who is causing it.


God bless,

Bruce Telfer.


Note:  ‘taharrush gamea’ is Arabic for organised sexual harassment of women by gangs of men.  Men form a ring around the women preventing escape (or intervention).  Then, some men will enter the circle, to attack the women.  This is what happened on New Year’s Eve, in many European cities (especially Germany).  The mainstream media initially ignored the incidents, but they were forced to cover the incidents, only after the attacks went viral on social media.


Extra note: The true situation Germany (and the rest of Europe), regarding the refugee crises is not being reported on by the mass media.  This is very apparent when one consults the social media (where people are able to report their own personal experiences – such as female medical staff in hospitals).  The excuse the mass media give for ‘being absent without leave’ is that they don’t want to inflame anti-refugee/immigrant sentiment (and even though there is an element of truth to this assertion – it is really just a cover story).  The real reason is because of political expediency.  The European Union and the European governments, are putting pressure on the media not to report on the crises.  They need to down-play the crises, because any disclosure about the real situation gives their political opponents all the ammunition they need to vote the ‘multiculturalists’ out of office at the next elections.


PS: The videos that were removed from You Tube are now back on You Tube at a different location, the link is:


If You Tube removed them once (with no warning or explanation), there is a high probability that they will do it again.

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