The Signs of the Times #54

The Signs of the Times #54

2016: The Cataclysmic Year?


Quotes of the times:

“In a recently released white paper, the IMF identified a ‘triad’ of risks that made a global securities crash almost inevitable.”


“Economic collapse isn’t coming. It’s already here.” Carl Icahn, finance researcher and commentator.


“Sell everything.”  Royal Bank of Scotland, advice to clients issued Jan. 12, 2016.


International finance and stock markets have just experienced their worst start to a new year, in history.  Trillions of dollars in paper assets have been wiped out.  International trade is stagnating and the price of oil is plummeting.  Welcome to 2016.  The Royal Bank of Scotland says it is going to be a ‘cataclysmic year.’

The recent IMF report stated that the reason we are going to have Round 2 of global financial collapse is because the problems that created Round 1 (2008) have never been addressed, let alone rectified.  There has been no reform of the system, therefore economic collapse ‘is almost inevitable.’  The IMF Report was issued in October last year – many would argue that the collapse is already here and we are experiencing the beginning of the cataclysmic year.

The last financial collapse was averted by massive bailouts.  Governments around the world (especially America) gave their banks massive emergency funds to keep them afloat.  In other words, the nations of the world saved the banks of the world, by massive injections of public money.  Now that the nations of the world are virtually bankrupt, who will bail out the banks this time?  Answer: you will.  Most of the nations of the world have been frantically passing ‘bail-in’ legislation in preparation for the next/current crises.  The European Union has just forced the last of their recalcitrant members to pass the necessary laws for a ‘bail-in’ solution to the crises.

You may remember that the ‘bail-in’ solution was recently beta tested on the small island nation of Cyprus.  They stole the people’s money and they got away with it – that was a test – now comes the world-wide application.  So, everything is in readiness for the massive theft of the people’s money, world-wide, to save the too big to fail banks.  Yes! ‘bail-in’ means that they are going to take a percentage of everyone’s bank accounts.  They have to do it because no one else has got any money (that’s what they will say).   How much will they take?  Answer: they will take what they need.  If you are lucky they might throw you a few shares in the bank.

Did you know that if you have money on deposit in a bank, then that the bank, considers you a liability (because they have to pay you the money back)?  They only consider people who are in debt to them an asset (because they collect money from them).  So ‘bail –in’ legislation reduces their liability and increases their credit worthiness – they love it!  You’re going to hate it, you might even do something about it – but you will be told there is no other solution, and unfortunately you will almost certainly believe them.


God bless,

Bruce Telfer.

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