Signs of the Times #69 


The Armageddonists


Originally posted, March 9, 2020.


Quotes of the Times:

“I’ve been doing this program for over 21 years, and I didn’t think I’d get to the point someday… where I’m talking about mystics, giving a gift to the President of the United States and telling him that his name is linked in numerology to the coming Messiah.” Rick Wiles, anchor for Trunews.


“I am the chosen one.” Donald Trump, Aug. 21, 2019.


“I was put here by people to do a great job.” Donald Trump. Ibid.


“The Trump deal of the century is divinely inspired, and that Israel has been kissed by God, because of the Trump plan”. Mike Evans, Evangelical Christian, Jerusalem Post, Jan. 27, 2020.



President Donald Trump has recently been vigorously denying that he knows a man by the name of Lev Parnas. Which is quite embarrassing for Trump, because since his denials, photos of himself and Lev Parnas. have been popping up all over the internet (including photos of Lev Parnas at Mar del Lago – Donald Trump’s ‘Winter White House’).

So, who is Lev Parnas, and why does Trump want to distance himself from him? Answer: Lev Parnas is a Ukrainian businessman who was arrested in Oct 2019, along with his associate, Igor Fruman, for making illegal donations to a Super Pac working for Trump’s re-election.

Now, as interesting as this is, (the illegal Ukrainian donations, and their arrest), it is far from the most interesting thing about this story. Recently, a tape has surfaced, that Parnas recorded when he and Igor Fruman, had a meeting with Trump at a fundraising event, in the Trump International Hotel, Washington D.C.

Now, as interesting as that is, (that Parnas illegally recorded the conversion he had with Trump), what is truly interesting (and bizarre), is what is on the tape. The tape infers that Donald Trump is indeed ‘the Chosen One.’ The tape links Donald Trump with the Jewish Hasidic sect of Chabad-Lubavitch (hereafter simply called Chabad) – Parnas and Fruman are Chabad members. To understand the tape, it is necessary to know that Chabad members are practitioners of the Kabbala (Jewish mysticism), and that gematria (numerology) is a fundamental part of Kabbalistic divination.

The following is a transcript of the tape, it begins with Lev Parnas speaking first. [Note: this transcript includes Parnas’ and Fruman’s improper English].

Parnas: “Mr. President, a little off the subject, I have a little something, it’s a little a present, a present from the head Rabbi of Ukraine and some of the Rabbis in Israel are so thankful, for what you do. In the Hebrew religion, they’re waiting for the Messiah to come. So, the Messiah Moshiach will be revealed. If you take that name, written, you see what it adds up 424. If you take your name, Donald Trump, and do the same it adds up to 424. It’s something that is very unbelievable.”

Fruman: “It’s unbelievable.”

Trump: “What does that mean?”

Fruman: “It’s like you have the same numbers as the Messiah, you know.”

Trump: “Meaning it’s good, good.”

Fruman: “It’s like not good, it’s like best. It’s like miracle.”

Trump: “Why 424? Why is that?

Fruman: “It’s like name of Messiah, you know.”

Parnas: “That’s the Messiah, it comes out to 424.”

Trump: “What other numbers you got.”

Parnas: “No, no it’s not the numbers.”

Fruman: “Exactly the number.”

Parnas: “Your name, in the numbers, it adds up to his name. It’s 424, it’s 424 in the Jewish. So, it’s like Messiah is the person that’s come to save the whole world. So, it’s like you’re the savior of the universe.”

Fruman: “It’s amazing.”

Parnas: “Can’t hurt. Can’t hurt.”

Fruman: “So all Jew people of Ukraine’s praying for you.”

Parnas: “Show it to Jared, he’ll explain it to you.”


So, what are we ordinary folk to make of this bizarre revelation that Donald Trump is the savior of the universe? Because he has the same ‘number’ as the Jewish Messiah.

The same number? The savior of the universe? All the Jews in Ukraine are praying for him? Does this mean that Donald Trump is actually the Jewish Messiah? Is that why he called himself ‘the chosen one’? Is that why he believes he was put in the presidency to do ‘a great job’?

We are not told what the gift is, but apparently if he needs a further explanation all he needs to do, is show it to his right-hand man, his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. This must mean that Jared Kushner is privy to all that Parnas and Fruman were saying, and all that they were trying to achieve. And why would Jared know these things? Obviously, Jared Kushner is also a member of the same Chabad sect (it is on the record that Kushner has given large donations to Chabad).

The Chabad movement are fervent believers in the coming of the Jewish Messiah. Their idea of a Jewish Messiah revolves around a revered rabbi by the name of Menachem Mendel Schneerson, a.k.a. the Lubavitcher Rebbe, or simply as the Rebbe. Schneerson died in 1994. Schneerson’s Wikipedia bio states:

As leader of the Chabad-Lubavitch, he took an insular Hasidic group that almost came to an end with the holocaust and transformed it into one of the most influential movements in religious world Jewry.


The Wikipedia bio references a New York Times article which says: “Schneerson led a small Hasidic sect to world prominence.” NYT, June13, 1994. So, through the efforts of Rabbi Scheerson, Chabad has become a powerful religious and political force in Jewry and the world.

When Schneerson was alive his followers revered him as a messianic figure. Many of them now believe that he never really died, and at some point, he will reappear. Are they looking at Donald Trump as some sort of Messianic/Schneerson figure who is going to usher in the Jewish Messianic Age?

This could all be dismissed as mere religious extremism if it were not for the impact on the current Israeli and US foreign policy in the Middle East – this is because the Chabad are Armageddonists. What’s an Armageddonist? Answer: Armageddonists are those, who have a particular eschatology (prophetic end-time beliefs), that require the Battle of Armageddon to be fought before their expectations can be fulfilled. In the case of the Chabadists, Armageddon has to be fought before the Jewish Messiah can appear. So, do the Chabadists want to see peace in the Middle East? No, peace will not bring the Jewish Messiah.

But is gets worse. On the political spectrum the Chabadists are far off to the right. They are the fervent, most important backers, of the current Israeli government, led by Benjamin Netanyahu. However, the recent Israeli election has ended inconclusively. If Netanyahu loses control of the government, he is likely to be charged with corruption and fraud.  He shares the beliefs of the Chabad movement and he is indebted to them for his political survival. So, does Netanyahu and want peace in the Middle East? No, that will not ensure continued support from the Chabad movement (and all the other Israeli’s who believe the same things).

But it gets worse. Most Christian’s today are also Armageddonists. They too, believe that a literal Battle of Armageddon has to be fought, in the Middle East (between Israel and Gog and Magog, generally believed to be Russia and its allies), before their Messiah, Jesus Christ, can return. Therefore, these Christian Armageddonists are also Zionists (political and financial supporters of Israel). Do Christian-Zionists want to see peace in the Middle East? No, peace will not usher in the return of Jesus Christ.

But is gets even worse. Zionists currently hold all the reigns of power in America. The neo-conservatives (neo-cons) have been in power since the George Bush II era. The neo-cons are all Zionists, both Jewish and Christian. Donald Trump himself, is a Zionist and has openly admitted it many times. He does everything for Israel (see note below). His close advisor, his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is a member of the Chabad movement. His vice president, Mike Pence, is a Christian-Zionist. His Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo is a Christian-Zionist. And there are many more in the Trump Administration. How can these American Armageddonists bring peace to the Middle East? Answer: they cannot? (see note below).

And it gets even worse. The Iranians are also Armageddonists. The Iranians are the world leaders of the Shia branch of Islam. They also believe that their Messiah (the Mahdi), can only arrive after a great battle is fought in the Middle East. So, do the Iranians want peace in the Middle East? No, they are bidding their time. They are watching their opposition get weaker, while they get stronger. The Iranian’s don’t want to fight the Battle of Armageddon yet. But if the Chababists get their way the Iranians may be forced to. Which is really OK, because according to the Shia eschatology they expect to lose the battle.

So, what we have is a swamp, full of religious extremists. There are two things the swamp creatures have in common. They all require the Battle of Armageddon to be fought for their religious expectations to be fulfilled. The other thing they have in common, is that they all have great political power, and they are all armed to the teeth. In this scenario, one end of the swamp (Chabad), seems to think that Donald Trump, is going to play some sort of crucial role. May Heaven help us…


God bless,

Bruce Telfer.


Note: The tape was released to the media and the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, by Lev Parnas’ lawyer. No doubt, if Lev Parnas was not arrested, the tape would have remained secret. Audio of the relevant conversion is available on Trunews at: starting at the 14 minute mark.


Note: Donald Trump’s Zionist credentials, are evident by his own admission, and what he has already done for Israel. He moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – something that Israel had been petitioning for, for a long time, but every US Administration before Trump had refused to do. Trump has stated that he wants Israel to annex the Golan Heights (sovereign Syrian territory). [A small Israeli settlement there has re-named itself ‘Trump Heights’]. Trump’s much heralded ‘Deal of the Century’ has been accepted by Israel, but rejected by the Palestinians. This is because, it gave virtually everything to the Israeli’s that they wanted, and gave virtually nothing to the Palestinians, that they wanted. Jared Kushner was the chief architect of the plan, and the negotiator for the plan – and he never consulted or negotiated with the Palestinians.  It was a Chabad plan from beginning to the end, and doomed to fail.

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