Signs of the Times #78 | Countdown to January 6th


Countdown to January 6th

Originally published: Dec 31, 2020 

Quotes of the Times:

“We have put together, I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organisation, in the history of American politics.” Joe Biden,


“For 43 years, I have pursued truth to achieve justice. I have loved & respected the rule of law & our institutions. Since 11/3, I have learned TRUTH of the level of corruption & evil in our legal system & government officials. Now I do not know whether to weep or throw up.” Lin Wood, Lawyer (filing against election fraud in his home state of Georgia):


“President Donald Trump urged his supporters to flock to Washington, DC, on January 6, promising them a “wild” rally.” Yahoo News, Dec. 20, 2020.

In spite of Joe Biden, being designated president elect, by the main stream media, this is not true. He will not become the official president elect until Jan. 6th, 2021. The reason why, he cannot be the president elect before that time, is because Donald Trump has not conceded, that he won the presidential election, on Nov. 3rd.

On Jan. 6th, both houses of the US Congress, assemble to do the official vote count, submitted by each individual states’ electors, according to the constitution. There is no guarantee that Joe Biden will win this vote count!

Mike Pence, being the current, vice-president, is the chairman of the Senate. He is constitutionally mandated to receive the elector’s votes, and open the envelopes. He is also constitutionally mandated with the power to refuse to accept the votes of any state where he suspects there has been ‘irregularities.’ Have there been irregularities? According to the main stream media, No! But according to recent polls, at least half the people of America believe the election was stolen by Biden, through election fraud. This fraud is alleged to have taken place primarily in the so called ‘swing states’ or ‘battleground states.’ These states are; Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia. When Pence picks up the envelope from Arizona (this ratification process is done alphabetically), he could argue, “I am not accepting these votes because a valid, legal process, was not followed, therefore these votes are invalid and will not be included in the final tally.” If Pence does the same to all the swing states. Trump will win the Electoral College by 232 votes and Biden will lose with a maximum of 227.

Will Mike Pence do this? Probably not. He is wise enough to know, that this election is a time bomb, primed to go off at any time. If he did do it, he would be the first one to be blown up. The whole leftist establishment would descend upon him, with untold amounts of wrath and pain for him.

However, there is yet another way that this can play out. When Pence opens the Arizona envelope and calls for the Congress to vote whether to accept them or not; another scenario can come into play. If a member of the Congress puts his7her hand up and says, “I object!” The whole process has to stop, and a debate has to take place, for and against the objection (there has to be at least one objector from the House of Representatives and one from the Senate for this to happen). After the debate, then the Congress votes to accept or reject. Will this happen? Yes, it will happen. As Jan 6th approaches, more and more members of Congress, have been saying that they will object. They want to see the electoral votes of the swing states thrown out. If they succeed, Trump wins, Biden loses.

Can Donald Trump do anything to influence the outcome? Yes, he can, he can do many things – he has already set the wheels in motion:

  1. He has invited all his supporters to ‘a party’ in Washington D. C. Which day has he chosen for this ‘party?’ Why, Jan. 6th, of course. As the Congress members are debating the outcome of the election, there will be hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters just outside. Many, if not most, will be armed. Many if not most, will be heavily armed. Do you think this will influence the way Congress will vote?
  2. The presidential election was conducted under emergency rules that Trump put in place, by executive order before the election. The emergency specifically mentions foreign interference. If foreign interference is proven, then Trump can legally challenge the election results in the courts (perhaps even declare the election results null and void, without filing in the courts).
  3. The Congress members who object, will need ammunition, to prove that the swing states votes need to be thrown out. If Trump begins to drop systematic evidence for election fraud into the public domain as Jan. 6th nears. This will give the Congress members, all the ammunition they need and might stiffen their resolve to declare Trump the winner.
  4. Just such a document providing the evidence of foreign interference was due to be delivered to Trump by his director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, on Dec. 18th. But it has been delayed. However, some form of a report is expected/hoped to be in Trump’s hands, before Jan. 6th.
  5. Trump can declassify any documents that have been withheld for ‘national security’ reasons, that might implicate Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s dealings with foreign powers.
  6. In addition, more and more official evidence is coming out, that there was election fraud. For example, the senate of the Georgia state congress just finished their investigation into their state election. Their report concluded, among other things, that the election was chaotic, that their own election officials did not follow the state law, and that the results cannot be trusted.
  7. In addition, Trump is getting some help from unexpected quarters. The authorities in Ukraine have just held a press conference where they accuse ‘DemoCorruptionists’ (US Democratic Party officials and senators), of trying to prevent what they were revealing in the press conference by threatening sanctions. And what were they revealing at the press conference? Answer: the plundering of the Ukrainian people through illegal means, and the transferring of the loot through illegal means, to the Biden family. See the video here, be quick it will not be there for long:

Trump has promised his supporters that Jan. 6th, is going to be ‘wild.’ Many are hoping that ‘wild’ is all it will be, and not anything else.

God bless, Bruce Telfer.


Note: Yes, Joe Biden did actually say what is quoted above. The video reference above is a clip taken from an interview that he gave. The full interview can be viewed here: the clip is taken from the 19min mark. the clip is taken from the 19min mark. Biden is being interviewed by two men. Just before he mentions the fraud organisation, he says to these two men, “you did the same for Obama.” In other words, Biden is being interviewed by two men who are a part of the fraud organisation, and these two men were actively involved using the same fraud organisation to get Obama elected.

Note: These videos will not be on You Tube for ever. View them now, because they are censoring everything. Download them and post them on non-censoring platforms.


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