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Signs of the Times #75 | The Great Reset

Quotes of the Times:

“We must not waste a good crisis.” Rahm Emmanuel, former Chief of Staff, in Obama Administration.

Klaus Schwab is of the same opinion as Emmanuel Rahm, we must not waste a good crisis. Klaus Schwab is the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), and he wants of use the current Covid-19 crisis to ‘reset’ the world. They like to call it the ‘Great Reset’ and it is going to be ‘great’ because it is going to usher in, ‘the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ (also called ‘Industry 4.0’).

The WEF are the originators of the slogan ‘build back better’ used by politicians around the world, in election bids, including Joe Biden. What they do they mean by ‘build back better?’ Answer: as the economies of nations and the world, are destroyed by lockdowns, the WEF and many other such oligarch clubs, see an opportunity, not only to ‘build back better’ but also ‘build back better for billionaires.’  Which means build back differently – all the promises that we will return to normal, are just propaganda, to give the plebs, the deplorables, and the useless eaters, some hope.

The WEF have put their ‘build back better’ plans in a video presentation (see below), which they say will be accomplished by 2030. In the video they state that: “you will not own anything, and you will be happy.” How is this accomplished? Answer: they are going to offer us a debt jubilee. All debts will be forgiven – in return the plebs, deplorables and useless eaters, will voluntarily give up all property rights – they will not own anything – they will rent everything. This raises several questions. In this dystopian world, who will own the property? Who will collect the rents on everything we use? Of course, the answer is obvious. All property rights will pass into the hands of those who so generously and graciously forgive our debts. Therefore, the future will be a kind of neo-feudalism. A system of propertied neo-aristocracy and landless peasants.

They really do call us ‘useless eaters,’ so in this neo-feudalist dystopia, there will be rules about eating/food too. Because we have to save the planet, it is recommended that the amount of meat we eat be restricted. So, what is the meat substitute going to be? Answer: insects, along with a side salad of weeds. Yes, it’s all on the WEF website, if you care to read it. And, we also have to preserve water so it is recommended that the plebs, deplorables and useless eaters, get recycled sewage water to drink (presumably the sewage water is filtered and cleaned).

All of this (and much more) is to be accomplished by the year 2030. Therefore, the WEK is clearly working in tandem with the United Nations. The UN used to have a plan for the world called Agenda 21. When the 21st century actually arrived, they changed the name to Agenda 2030. So, these plans are not just coming from a bunch of crackpot billionaires frothing at the mouth – there are serious players proposing the same things and working vigorously to make them happen. The neo-feudalistic system will be different, but fundamentally the same. It was all about control back then, and will be all about control in the future.

For example, under the old feudalistic system, the peasants were not allowed to leave the villages where they lived without the Lord’s permission. We are already seeing massive restrictions on the freedom of movement, because of covid-19. These restrictions will only get tighter, stricter and impinge upon every aspect of our lives. The model they will use, is the social credit score that everybody gets in China. If you have a bad credit score, you will have a very bad life. Ultimately, you will not be able to buy and sell – you will not be able to participate in normal civic life – you will become a heretic.

They have clearly told us what they have planned, we have been warned. This is not a conspiracy theory. It cannot be a conspiracy theory, when they have clearly told us, in advance, what is in store for us. Will 2030 happen? That will depend on you. Oh, and of course, they want to vaccinate everybody. The WEF founded the ‘Vaccine Alliance’ along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in the year 2000. So, be a good peasant, roll up your shirt sleeve and don’t forget to thank your gracious masters, for keeping you safe and secure (and well fed).

God bless,
Bruce Telfer.

Note: The WEF video predicting the 2030 future, can be viewed on their Facebook page here:

Note: the WEF desire to see everything rented can be viewed on the website here:

Note: There is another reset video on their website here:

Note: WEF desire to see us eating weeds is here:

Recycled sewerage water here:

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