Signs of the Times – part 14

Signs of the Times – part 14


Originally posted Jan. 5, 2012.


Welcome to 2012.  It’s going to be worse than 2011.  [According to Chancellor Angela Merkel and Philip Sarkozy – in their New Year addresses to their respective nations].  This time we can have some confidence in the words of the politicians – Welcome to 2012 Europe.

Barack Obama took time out from his holiday in Hawaii, to sign the “National Defence Authorization Act” H.R. 1540, into law – signed on Dec. 31, 2011.  During the signing Obama said, “I have serious reservations with certain provisions that regulate the detention, interrogation, and prosecution of suspected terrorists.”  Really!!! Do you mean that arbitrary arrest, indefinite detention without charge, and grievous bodily harm (torture) at the hands of law enforcement, caused you to have “serious reservations” Mr Obama???  These are “weasel words” from the President.  If Obama was serious about his “serious reservations” he should/could have sent this evil legislation back to Congress – he could have vetoed the Bill and it would have gone back to Congress to have the offending and objectionable elements removed.

This piece of legislation (NDAA) is a nightmare New Year’s gift to the American people and the world, and it will guarantee that 2012 (and every other year) will be worse than 2011.  As a result of this legislation many Americans will be wishing for the “good o’l days” of 2011 – when they used to have laws that actually protected them – Welcome to 2012 America.

The National Defence Authorisation Act was not the only new piece of legislation that Obama signed on the last day of 2011.  He also signed into law tough new sanctions against Iran.  The sanctions require foreign firms to make a choice between doing business with Tehran’s oil and financial sectors, or the American economy and financial sector.  If they choose Iran they will not be able to do business in America.  The Iranian government has already called this “an act of war” – and the results have been immediate – on the Monday of the New Year, the Iranian currency suffered a drop in value of 10% – Welcome to 2012 Iran.

This is the same tactic that launched America into WWII.  They ratcheted up economic sanctions against Japan, until Japan felt it had no choice but to attack America.  When Japan attacked America at Pearl Harbour (December 7, 1941), it only had two months of oil supply left in its reserves.  Iran has no lack of oil – but it does need to sell what it has.  In Japan’s case the trick was to deny access to sellers – in Iran’s case the trick is to deny access to buyers.  In both cases the object was to provoke the target nation into retaliation – Welcome to 2012 Iran, the ball is in your court.  Please do not retaliate – look what happened to Japan.  [Iran has been threatening, repeatedly, to close the Straits of Hormuz – through which 60% of the world’s water borne oil exports currently flow.  It has only just finished a large naval exercise, to demonstrate to the world, its capability to close the Strait].  If it closes the Strait, the mayhem will begin.

In other developments the “war” against liberty continues with a recently released Department of Homeland Security video which has been making its way around the Internet; it tells people in no mixed terms that “paying cash is suspicious and weird.”  The narrator tells viewers that, “if a patron appears nervous or anxious, or insists on paying cash, contact security personnel. This is suspicious behaviour.”  Those with a basic interest in Bible prophecy will have their “ears on” when they here this, because the Book of Revelation tells us that the time will come when the ability to “buy and sell” will be taken away from the “terrorists” – as a punishment for their opposition to government policy (see Rev. 13:16,17).  You can view the video here: The cashless society is coming – because only “terrorists” use cash.  We truly live in a warped world.


God bless and welcome to 2012, Bruce Telfer.

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