Signs of the Times – part 9


Signs of the Times – part 9

Quote of the day:

“Willing or not, ready or not, we are all involved in an all-out, no-holds-barred, three way global competition. Most of us are not competitors however. We are the stakes. For the competition is about who will establish the first one-world system of government that has ever existed in the society of nations… Those of us who are under seventy will see at least the basic structures of the new world government installed. Those of us under forty will surely live under its legislative, executive and judiciary authority and control. Indeed the three rivals themselves – and many people besides – speak about this new world order not as something around a distant corner of time, but something that is imminent.” Malachi Martin, The Keys of this Blood, p. 15,16. 1990.

Warning: This email comes with a warning – it has potential to make you angry. If you do become angry, please ask yourself this question: “is what is written here true or not?” If it is true, then why are you getting angry? The Truth remains the Truth regardless of what people may think about it. The Truth is uncompromising – it never yields to error – it is not adjustable- and it never apologises, because it is the Truth, and it has nothing to be ashamed of. And, therefore, it is altogether pointless getting angry at it.

The Truth can never be “tweaked” or “spun” to teach error. It never bows to “political correctness” and it stands firm in that market place, known as “public opinion.” It is we who need to change – not the truth. Error is always dangerous – and ignorance is no advantage. The Truth is the only thing that we can trust – therefore we should respect and cherish it – we should love honour and obey it.

Here endeth the warning – please proceed with caution and pray for discernment.

Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion states: “to every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.” What Newton found to be true in science – Hegel found was also true, of history, and the affairs of men. So, as the noose tightens around Iran, the expansionary policies of the Western Alliance will provoke a reaction. Nations that might have had differences in the past will now put these differences aside. Nations that might have had little in common in the past, now have a common enemy in the present. All these nations will be drawn together because they will feel threatened – and thus they will form the antithesis, in opposition to the thesis.

As this plays out on our 6 o’clock TV news, the Western Alliance [The NATO powers, plus Israel, Australia and New Zealand], fulfil the role of the thesis. The antithesis will be a combination of Eurasian nations. The main players in the Eurasian Alliance will be Russia, China, Pakistan and Iran. The battle ground will be the Middle East and the Caspian Sea basin – because it is this area that Zbigniew Brzezinski, has so conveniently pointed out to us, that is the great prize on the Grand Chess Board. Indeed the pre-war skirmishes have already begun.

One such skirmish was the war between Georgia and Russia, in 2008. All armies prior to battle, probe the other side for strengths and weaknesses. They deliberately provoke one another, in order to study how the other side reacts. This is how they refine and improve strategy and tactics for the real thing – it is a game which both sides understand. But the complete story of the Georgia/Russian war can only be understand within the context of the rivalry for the control of the Caspian Sea oil, and the wider context of rivalry for the control of the Eurasian continent.

As already mentioned, American plans, to tap into the oil rich central Asia region, with a pipeline through Afghanistan failed, because of the unresolved and on-going security issues there. America’s next option was a pipeline (which was already under construction by 2003) beginning on the Caspian Sea coast in Azerbaijan, through Georgia to the southern coast of Turkey. It is called the Baku–Tbilisi–Ceyhan pipeline (BTC pipeline), and oil began to flow through this pipeline in 2006. This pipeline reconfigured the whole strategic importance of the territory and the nations through which this pipeline passed.

Unfortunately, the pipeline passed just a little too close to a Russian protectorate called South Ossetia, which was territorially a part of Georgia, but was now claiming secession rights from Georgia and looking to Russia for protection. [One war had already been fought and peacekeepers were stationed to keep the warring factions apart]. But Georgia launched an attack on South Ossetia in August, 2008. The goal was to retake the rebel area and push the Russians away from the pipeline. In this conflict Georgia was extensively armed and supported by American and Israel. It was a carefully planned thrust into Russia’s backyard to see how it would react. Russia reacted ferociously– the war was over within two weeks. Russia was just as eager to send a message back, and the message was: “we shall not be trifled with, and be warned, your pipeline is vulnerable and will remain vulnerable – we can destroy it whenever we want to.” But there was more involved– much more!

On August 10th, 2008, David Sackur of the BBC programme “Hardtalk,” conducted an interview about the war with David Bakradze, the chairman of the Georgian Parliament. Towards the end of the interview David Bakradze said: “What is going on now in Georgia is a test case. This is about the Russian view of the New World Order versus the West view of the New World Order. If Russia wins it will validate the Russian view of the New World Order.” [I personally watched this BBC show and when I heard David Bakradze’s comment I thought to myself “that was quite an admission and a revelation.” So I made a point of watching it again (these programmes are repeated several times). When I watched it again, Badradze’s comments about the competition for a New World Order were deleted – so much for the vaunted reputation of the BBC’s impartiality and objectivity].

Which brings us to the subject matter, of the quote, taken from Malachi Martin’s book, “The Keys of this Blood,”at the beginning of this email. Malachi Martin is a well-respected observer and commentator of Roman Catholic and Vatican affairs. In his book he postulates that there are three competitors for the supremacy of the world (euphemistically referred to us the New World Order). The three competitors are: The United States of America (and its allies), Russia (and its allies) and the Roman Catholic Church. And the winner will be? Malachi Martin states, in his book, that the Roman Catholic Church will be the winner – (but then he might be biased because he himself is Roman Catholic and an ex-Jesuit priest). But he does give convincing reasons for his assessments. [When he originally wrote, Russia was the Soviet Union and communism was still in power, therefore he identified communism as one of three players. But essentially the same scenario will be played out. China will put its differences with Russia aside and they will form an alliance – thus creating the combination of nations that Malachi Martin originally identified as one of the three players].

It may sound incongruous to some – that a church should rule the world. But one needs to realize two things; firstly, the Roman Catholic Church is not just a church it is also a sovereign political state – maybe a small state geographically – but nevertheless one with great power and influence in the world today. Secondly, this religious/political power (the Roman Catholic Church), used to rule the world in the past (through its control over the nations of Europe) for hundreds of years – and it is no secret, that it wants that control and supremacy back.

Just as Zbigniew Brzezinski has conveniently shown us what the road map for American supremacy looks like, so too, has Malachi Martin shown us what the road map for Roman Catholic supremacy looks like. And the astounding thing is – both roads travel the same path. Martin provides us with a list of “obstacles” that need to be removed (in modern terms a “hit list”) – before Roman Catholic supremacy can be achieved. And who do you think is at the top of the list? Well ask yourself an interesting question. The long road to Tehran takes us through many countries – what do all these countries have in common? Yes that’s right, they all have oil – good answer! What else do they have in common? Yes that’s right, they are all Muslim! – they are all followers of Islam! Is this just a coincidence? You be the judge.

The Catholic Church has many religious rivals, but their greatest rival in numerical and geo-political terms is Islam. So Islam is the first on the Vatican hit list. This is why the Western Alliance and the Vatican are traveling the same road, through the same countries. Together they make formidable adversaries, but the heavy lifting is all done by the Western Alliance, and the Vatican is content to wait in the wings, so that its hand is not revealed.

There is more than one agenda being played out here. Perhaps the simplest way to describe it is to say, that the Western Alliance’s agenda is to seize control of the physical assets of the world, and the Vatican agenda is to seize control of the spiritual assets of the world. This is basically how it was, during the period of papal supremacy in Europe – this is basically how it will be in the future. The papal power is content with the nations having control over the physical assets, as long as the papal power has control over the nations.

At the moment the Catholic agenda is getting a free ride on the coat tails of America. But events will demonstrate that America is actually being manipulated and deceived and the Catholic Church will emerge as the victor – just as Malachi Martin foretold! And there is another source of information more accurate and more ancient than Malachi Martin’s, which tells the same story in even more detail -that source is the Bible. The Bible is full of prophecy and one of the main focuses of Bible prophecy is the end of the world. Bible prophecy foretold nearly two thousand years ago that the two main players that will create a one world government (The New World Order) will be the Roman Catholic Church and America. If you are a Bible believer and yet you cannot see it – that does not mean that it is not there – it is there –and we are seeing the days of its fulfilment.

The strategy to defeat Russia is the same strategy that has always been used – “contain and restrain.” Just as the road to Tehran removes all of Iran’s allies – the same road extends all the way to Moscow. As the Western Alliance removes the allies of Iran they are also removing the allies of Russia (and China). And at the same time they are denying the Eurasian Alliance access to resources and markets. As the noose tightens around Iran, so too, does the noose tighten around Russia and China.

It might be that Russia and China will allow one more ally to fall – Syria. But they will not allow Iran to fall – Iran is too important to both of them. When the road reaches Tehran it will herald the beginning of the greatest crises in modern history – and the last movements will be rapid ones.


To be continued…

God Bless, Bruce Telfer.

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