The Signs of the Times #48

The Signs of the Times #48


The Catholic Conquest of America (USA) – part 11


Originally posted, Feb. 10, 2015.


Quote of the Times:

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Arab proverb.


The Catholic conquest of America, has been immensely facilitated, by the fear of a mutual enemy.  The long, hard fought, fight against communism, forced both America and the Catholic Church to become allies – they became ‘friends’ because they had a common enemy.  Therefore, over a relatively short period of time, the policies of successive American governments, began to reflect the policies and agenda of the Catholic Church.  This catholicization of American politics is most blatantly revealed in American foreign policy.


American and Catholic interests began to intertwine, immediately after WWII.

After WWII, Communism was on the rise everywhere.  In Italy Communism was so popular that it was expected that the Communist Party would win the post WWII elections.  This would have been a catastrophe for the Catholic Church (Italy being the Catholic Church’s headquarters and stronghold).  The Communist threat was averted through the concerted, combined and co-operative efforts, of the Catholic Church, the Mafia and the CIA – this unholy troika (Catholic/Mafia/CIA), first learned to work together, for their own common interests, in Italy:


“…the CIA mounted a massive propaganda campaign in Italy… millions of dollars were pumped into the Christian Democrats (the Catholic party) and other non-communist parties… the defeat of the communists at the polls is historically viewed by the CIA not only as their first but as one of their most outstandingly successful covert operations.”  Brian Freemantle, CIA the Honourable Company, (The Rainbow Pub. Co., London, 1983) p. 29.


Do you think this ‘winning team’ (Catholic/Mafia/ CIA), simply disbanded after their stunning success in Italy?  Of course not!  This unholy troika, has become the template, from that time onwards – even to this very day.


The Vietnam War was a Catholic war.  The South Vietnamese government was a Catholic regime.  The president (Ngo Dunh Diem) was Catholic, his Catholic brother was chief of the secret police, and another brother was the top Catholic priest in Vietnam (Archbishop of Hue).  When the Catholic regime was set up in South Vietnam, two million Catholic Vietnamese migrated from North Vietnam to South Vietnam to join the Catholic crusade against Communism.  The goal was to turn Vietnam into a Catholic beach head into the continent of Asia.  To this end, the Catholic regime began to persecute the Buddhists (trying to convert them to Catholicism).  Many Buddhist monks responded/protested by publicly burning themselves to death (pouring petrol over themselves):


“President Ngo Dinh Diem was a practicing Catholic who ruled South Vietnam with an iron fist…. He transformed the presidency into a virtual Catholic dictatorship, ruthlessly crushing his religious and political opponents.  Many Buddhist monks committed suicide by fire, burning themselves alive in protest against his religious persecutions.” Avro Manhattan, Vietnam why did we go? p. 56.


Even though the crusade in Vietnam eventually failed, this was an exception.  The other Catholic/American crusades largely succeeded (Latin America, Africa, Afghanistan etc.), eventually resulting in the exhaustion of the Soviet Union, and the collapse of Communism everywhere (except China and Cuba).  Fortunately a new enemy arrived just in time to keep the unholy troika in business – Islam and the ‘war on terror.’  This was a much better enemy because the war against it, can be perpetuated for ever (or for as long as it is necessary).


It should be obvious to all by now that only Muslims are terrorists (according to the media).  It should be obvious to all by now that only Muslim nations are being destroyed in the never ending war on terror.  The Jesuit author, Malachi Martin, explains what the goals of the war on terror are.  In his book, ‘The Keys of this Blood’ he tells us about the powers that are struggling for world domination.  He says, these powers are three: Russia, America and the Catholic Church.  He then tells us that the winner will be the Catholic Church (because he knows that the Catholic Church and America are secretly working together).  He then gives us a hit list of the opposition that needs to be destroyed so that the Catholic Church can emerge the victor.  The first enemy on the list is – Islam.  This is why the ‘war on terror’ is being played out in Islamic nations.  We are witnessing the Catholic agenda for world domination, being accomplished right now on a daily basis.  The instrument to accomplish this conquest is the United States of America.


Malachi Martin tells us that the second enemy to be eliminated is Christian Fundamentalists (those who try to live according to the Bible).  This means that when Islam is conquered the next ‘terrorists’ will be Bible believing Christians.  This process has already begun with the first step – demonization.  The Jesuit Department of Homeland Security has published a list of potential ‘terrorists.’  The list is a long one and it includes; people who have religious views on the Book of Revelation (i.e. Christians), people who are concerned with constitution rights and civil liberties (for example, the separation of Church and State), people who are actively preparing for emergencies (for example, civil unrest), people who home school their children, people who believe in a new world order to come, etc. etc.  These people are next on the hit list – most of them will be Bible believing Christians.


To be continued…


God bless, Bruce Telfer.


Extra notes:

Russia is supporting and supplying the Islamic nations with weapons because Russia/Putin knows that Russian survival depends on preserving as many allies as possible.  This is the reason for the current troubles in Ukraine.  The Ukrainian situation is to punish Russia for Russian interference in the Islamic world and to keep Russia occupied with defending its own front yard.


The American/Mafia co-operation started during WWII.  The Mafia did a deal with the American government to keep the labour unions quiet (i.e. no strikes, no pressure for higher wages), during the war.  The Mafia in Italy also secretly assisted the Allied invasion of Sicily.  Now we know why J. Edgar Hoover, the head of the FBI, always insisted that there was no organized crime in America.


According to a Nobel Prize winning economist and a Harvard University budget expert (Joseph Stiglitz, and Linda Bilmes); Washington’s 14 years of war on terror has cost Americans a minimum of $6 trillion.

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