The Signs of the Times #60

The Signs of the Times #60

The Moral High Ground


Originally posted, June 20, 2017.


Quotes of the Times:

“Hypocrisy is not a way of getting back to the moral high ground. Pretending you’re moral, saying your moral is not the same as acting morally.”  Alan Dershowitz.

“You will know them by their fruits.”  Jesus Christ.



In the not too distant past, when two armies faced each other on the field of battle, the first major encounter was always over which army would be able to capture the ‘high ground’ in the battlefield terrain. Holding the ‘high ground’ always gave the army that occupied it, a tremendous advantage over the opposing army.  Apart from the fact that it is much easier to attack downhill than uphill, the army occupying the high ground could survey the whole battlefield and could out manoeuvre the opposing army.

The same principles apply to those who like to occupy the ‘moral high ground’ – it gives those who sit on the moral high ground a distinct advantage whereby they can talk down to the lesser mortals who occupy the low ground and they can justify what they do because they are supposedly morally superior.

In these modern times, there are two major players who claim the moral high ground.  One is the Roman Catholic Church which lays claim to the religious moral high ground – the other is the United States of America which lays claim to the political moral high ground. Being elevated so high above the lesser mortals of the world gives both of these powers tremendous leverage over the rest of humanity, so much so, that most of what occurs in both the religious and political worlds, benefits them more than the other players in the same arena.

The supposed moral superiority of the Catholic Church rests on the fact that they have a celibate priesthood (and a celibate sisterhood).  The justification for the celibate priesthood rests on the validity of the doctrine of original sin. The Catholic doctrine of original sin teaches that we are all guilty of the original sin of Adam (because we were all ‘in Adam’ when he sinned). This guilt is passed down from generation to generation through sexual intercourse. Therefore, for many centuries men and women have been fleeing into monasteries and nunneries to preserve themselves from the contamination of sexual intercourse and original sin. This self-imposed ‘sacrifice’ by these ‘godly’ men and women has always been upheld to those who occupied themselves with the grubby business of reproducing themselves, as being holy and morally pure.  And because of their holiness and purity they are therefore so much closer to God.  And because they are so much closer to God they become like little gods themselves, ruling over the morally inferior lesser mortals.  And of course, the most holy and pure of all, is he who rises to the top of the priesthood, that’s why they call him, ‘holy father’ and ‘his holiness.’

But the holy façade is falling down. The paedophiliac priesthood is being dragged out from under the rug, kicking and screaming into the court houses of outraged nations all over the world. The standard excuse of ‘a few rotten apples’ will no longer suffice. Soon the whole barrel of apples will be exposed for what it is, as the source of “abominations of the earth” (Revelation 17:5), and “the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird” (Revelation 18:2).

The source of the United States moral superiority is derived from its constitution. When it was written, the US constitution was a unique document. Fundamentally it was a bold declaration made by people determined to rule themselves. As one politician said, it was an attempt to establish, “a nation without a pope and a nation without a king.” Or as Abraham Lincoln, in his Gettysburg address said, “Government of the people, for the people, by the people.”

Americans have therefore been taught to regard themselves as the exceptional and indispensable people – following their manifest destiny as evangelists for republican and democratic ideals that ought to be copied by the rest of the world.  And copied they have been, on the occasion of the 200 year anniversary of the establishment of the US, Time Magazine commented that 170 nations around the world have adopted some form of the US constitution into their own political systems.

However, just as the Catholic Church’s stance of moral superiority is slipping, so too, is the moral superiority of the US.  As nation after nation is ‘bombed back to the Stone Age’ the hypocrisy is becoming more and more evident. The problem is, America no longer abides by the principles of its own constitution – it is no longer ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave.’  Today, the constitution is only waved around for propaganda purposes.  It is used like a magician’s diversion tactic ‘look at our wonderful constitution over here in our right hand, but don’t look at what we are doing with our left hand.’

But if we dare to look at the left hand for just a moment, we will be astonished to see America destroying legitimately elected democratic governments around the world, simply because they want to live like Americans – free to rule themselves.

But even when America (and its allies) are bombing nations back to the Stone Age, they still feel it’s necessary to establish moral high ground, high enough to drop their bombs from.  For example, when Libya was bombed backed to the Stone Age the moral high ground was created by pompously announcing the doctrine called ‘Responsibility to Protect’ (R2P).  Using this criminal excuse (R2P – which is contrary to agreed international law), the bombing of Libya was justified, because the morality superior western powers had to intervene to protect the citizens of Libya from their evil dictator, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Can you imagine the absurdity of Russia or China bombing America on the pretext that they were on a humanitarian mission to protect Black Americans from the American police? The justification for bombing Libya is as equally absurd as Russia or China trying to protect Black People in America.

The reason why America (and its allies) got away with destroying Libya is because they occupy the mythical moral high ground. This is why the moral high ground has to be protected and preserved at all costs.  And the job of protecting and preserving the myth of the moral high ground is given to the mass media, and the mass media have done an exemplary job of preserving the myth up until now.

However, the ‘moral high grounders’ have been discomforted of late, by that pesky thing called the internet. This is because the internet has being ripping holes in the media manufactured myth for some several years now – which means that, the internet must be censored. And if it cannot be censored then it has to be manipulated, by all sorts of tricky manoeuvres in order to keep the myth alive.

What the internet has revealed is that the ‘morally superior high grounders’ are actually the evillest of them all.  As Frank Underwood (that other US President) famously said, “We don’t talk to terrorists – we make the terror.”  And indeed, they do – al Qaida was/is a creation of the CIA (in Arabic al-Qaida means ‘the base’ – the name is a reference to a database existing in CIA computers). ISIS and all its affiliates are proxy forces of Saudi Arabia (and other Wahhabi Arabic political entities). And all these Arabic political entities are proxy forces of America. Thus. America is able to distant itself from the blood on the ground and maintain and protect the moral high ground because it works through these proxy forces and therefore, they can deny direct involvement.

It is relatively easy to escape the propaganda of the moral high grounders. Simply stop concentrating on the right hand and look at the left hand. Stop listening to the fine sounding morally uplifting platitudes and start concentrating on what these fake news perpetrators actually do.  Actions speak louder than words. After all the greatest moral authority that ever lived said, “You will know them by their fruits.”


God bless,

Bruce Telfer.


Extra note:

The real reason Libya was bombed back to the Stone Age and Gaddafi had to go, was because Gaddafi was charting an independent policy and he was challenging the supremacy of the American Dollar by actively promoting the creation of a gold backed currency for all the Arabic and African nations.

Iraq and Saddam Hussein suffered the same fate for the same reasons. Saddam was selling Iraqi oil for Euros.

The wealth and security of the American Empire is totally dependent on international trade being conducted in American dollars, especially oil.

Frank Underwood is the fictional American President on the TV show, ‘House of Cards.’  [Often fiction is just a more convenient way of telling inconvenient truths – it generates less court cases].

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