The Signs of the Times – part 23

The Signs of the Times – part 23


Originally posted, Sept. 19, 2012.


Quotes of the Times:

“The study of secret organizations in their political application is worthy of most serious consideration and of grave discussion and is absolutely essential to the intelligent understanding of the events of the eighteenth century.” Edinburgh Review, Illuminism and the French Revolution, July 1906, p. 53.


“The appalling thing in the French Revolution is not the tumult, but the design.  Through all the fire and smoke we perceive the evidence of calculated organisation.  The managers remain studiously concealed and masked; but there is no doubt about their presence from the first.”  Lord Acton, Lectures on the French Revolution, p. 97.


“In many of the nations of Europe the powers that ruled in Church and State had for centuries had been controlled by Satan, through the medium of the papacy.  But here (in the French Revolution) is brought to view a new manifestation of satanic power.”  E. G. White, The Great Controversy, p. 269.


 “…an institution absolutely unique in history” (The Jesuits).  Encyclopedia Britannica, vol. 13, 9th Edition, p. 646.


“The old Roman Senate itself did not lay schemes for world domination with greater certainty of success” (referring to the schemes of the Jesuits).  Malachi Martin, The Jesuits, p. 27.


During the second half of the eighteenth century, the Templars were not the only aggrieved party seeking revenge against the French Monarchy and the Roman Catholic Church, so too, were the Jesuits.

The Society of Jesus (Jesuits), are a Roman Catholic Order, established in 1534, (officially approved 1540) dedicated to the task of countering the Protestant Reformation.  They were very good at their job. The trouble was, they operated under the motto, ‘the end justifies the means’ which meant that, they resorted to assassination; all kinds of political, social and economic intrigue; and they were the instigators of much trouble and strife, including major wars.  As a result, during their turbulent history they have been expelled over 80 times, from different countries (mostly Catholic nations).

By the year 1767, the Jesuits had been suppressed and banned from Portugal, France, Spain and parts of Italy.  The banishment from France was particularly ‘galling’ for the Jesuits.  This is because of a lawsuit against them that ended up in the French Parliament, where much that was formerly secret was laid bare before a horrified nation.  The Jesuits being equally horrified that their secrets were revealed swore vengeance (as they always do against those who oppose them, whether they be individuals or nations).

These Catholic nations were so infuriated against the Jesuits that they not only suppressed and banishment them from their own borders, but they also demanded that the Roman Catholic Church abolish them – never to be a part of the Roman Catholic establishment again.  Sufficient political pressure was brought to bear, but Pope Clement XIII died after receiving the suppression demands from the French ambassador (reportedly he died of shock).  Therefore, it was left to his successor, Pope Clement XIV, to carry out the wishes of the Papacy’s political allies.  As Clement XIV signed the decree abolishing the Jesuit Order he said, “I have just signed my death warrant.”  Within nine months he was dead.  [Most contemporaries considered his death a case of poisoning, and most suspected the Jesuits were responsible].

The Jesuits were abolished by papal decree in the year 1773.  Just three years later the Order of the Perfectibilists (commonly called ‘the Illuminati’ – ‘the enlightened ones’), was established by a man called Adam Weishaupt, in Ingolstadt, Bavaria (the southern state of Germany).  This development was the beginning of the Jesuit’s counter-attack.  The Encyclopaedia Britannica tells us: “In 1542 the Jesuits were established in Bavaria” (vol. 19, p. 434).  In other words, Bavaria was a Jesuit stronghold, and nothing would have happened in Bavaria that was not permitted, planned or perpetuated without the Jesuits’ permission.  As we look deeper into the foundation of the Illuminati, it becomes even more obvious that the Illuminati is just another Jesuit front, just another façade, to conceal their hand.   If Bavaria was a Jesuit stronghold, then the city of Ingolstadt was the capital city of that stronghold – it was in Ingolstadt that the Jesuit University was located – and in that University Adam Weishaupt held the position of professor of canon law (church law).  Weishaupt is repeatedly passed off as an ‘ex-Jesuit’ – lol.  There is no such thing as an ex-Jesuit.  The only way a Jesuit can become an ex-Jesuit, is to become a dead Jesuit.  Catholic priests often boast: “give me a child until he is seven years old, and he will remain a Catholic all his life.”  This principle of indoctrination applies even more so to Jesuits.  Jesuits are trained in such a way (for example, by the use of the fabled ‘spiritual exercises’), and they are controlled in such a way (for example, they spy on each other), that being ‘ex’ simply does not happen – once they are in it – they are in it for life.

Due to a bolt of lightning we know a lot about Weishaupt and his schemes.  In 1784, one of Weishaupt’s couriers was riding through the German town of Ratisbon (now called Regensburg). The courier was carrying instructions to Weishaupt’s co-conspirators in France, when he was struck by lightning.  The papers carried by the courier fell into the hands of the police – an investigation was launched – raids on the homes of the leaders of the Illuminati were carried out – more Illuminati documents were seized, and plans and plots were discovered.  As a result of the investigation the Bavarian Government issued a warning to all the governments of Europe that a new secret society was planning a revolution in France.  The warnings were ignored.  [The same applies today – all warnings are ignored].  The Illuminati/Jesuit agenda is generally considered so fantastic, that it becomes unbelievable for most people.  One would think that after being told in advance, a revolution in France was being planned, and then a revolution happened exactly as foretold, that this would be convincing evidence – but apparently not!

The French Revolution was accomplished when this new Illuminati/Jesuit monster managed to amalgamate itself with the previously existing Templar/Freemasonic monster – thus a metamorphosis took place, creating a new beast – a formidable power that had never been seen before.  This amalgamation and metamorphosis took place at the Freemasonic Congress of Wilhelmsbad in 1782.  The French Revolution was now only seven years away.

The authoritative Iluminist/Freemason leader, Albert Pike, picks up the story.  In his account of the French Revolution he tells us that the ‘force’ of the people needed to be guided and directed by ‘intellect’ (i.e. ‘the illuminated ones’).  He tells us that there were two primary goals: the destruction of the French Monarchy and the destruction of the Roman Catholic Church (accomplishing the revenge of the Templars and the Jesuits).  He tells us that during the revolution, there was a time when it appeared that the revolutionary mob would tear the French king, Louis XVI, to pieces, but that they (the Jacobin/Freemason/Illuminists) stepped in to ‘save’ him.  The reason they saved Louis was because they wanted a public trial and a public execution, Pike explains:


The Templars compromitted [Pike’s spelling] the King; they saved him from the rage of the People, to exasperate that rage and bring on the catastrophe prepared for centuries; it was a scaffold that the vengeance of the Templars demanded.  Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, pp. 823,824.


After the execution of the King, Pike tells us that half the work of the Revolution was accomplished, their attention now turned to the Papacy:


When Louis XVI was executed half the work was done and henceforward the Army of the Temple was to direct all its efforts against the Pope.  Ibid. p. 824.


The attack against the Papacy was accomplished during the Napoleonic phase of the Revolution in 1798.  The French general, Berthier, marched into the Vatican, took the Pope prisoner (he died in captivity in France) and declared the Papacy (the office held by the Pope) abolished.  Thus a ‘deadly wound’ was inflicted upon the Roman Catholic Church and just as the world was ‘stuck with stupor’ at the demise of the Templars, so to, was the world ‘struck with stupor’ at the demise of the Papacy.


To be continued… the consequences, especially for the United States of America.


God bless, Bruce Telfer.


Additional information for references, evidence and clarification:

  1. When the Jesuits were abolished they found refuge in two unlikely places; the Kingdom of Prussia, under Frederick the Great, and the Empire of Russia under the Empress Catherine. It is not entirely clear why Russia would welcome them (perhaps because they were considered the best educationalists in Europe), but in the case of Frederick the Great, the reason is clear.  Frederick was one of the chief leaders of Freemasonry at this time in Europe.  He also needed a weak France in order to create modern Germany.  Therefore, he was interested and active in all plots against France.
  2. The Congress of Wilhelmsbad was attended by all the different lodges of Freemasonry in Europe, representing three million members all over the world. Albert Mackey, (Freemasonic historian) called the Congress “the most important Masonic Congress of the eighteenth century.”
  3. It was at this congress that Jews were admitted as members of Freemasonry for the first time. Wilhelmsbad was the personal estate of Meyer Amschel Rothschild (the founder of the Jewish Rothschild banking dynasty).  Thus this grand amalgamation included what would become the greatest banking and finance business ever created.  Therefore, the Revolution (or future plots and schemes) was not going to lack finance.
  4. One attendee at the congress called the Comte de Virieu, was profoundly shocked about what was revealed there. His biographer, M. Costa de Beauregard, has told us that he returned from the congress saying: “I can only tell you that all this is very much more serious than you think. The conspiracy which is being woven is so well thought out that it will be, so to speak, impossible for Monarchy and the Church to escape from it” – The Comte de Virieu thereafter “could only speak of Freemasonry with horror.”
  5. John Robison, a Scottish physicist and mathematician. And professor of philosophy at the University of Edinburgh, and practicing Freemason. Conducted his own investigation on continental Europe.  As a result he published a book in 1797, called: ‘Proofs of a Conspiracy against all the Religions and Governments of Europe, carried on in the secret meetings of Freemasons, Illuminati and Reading Societies.  Robison abandoned Freemasonry and became an ardent monarchist.
  6. There is only one monument of a Southern Confederate Army Officer in Washington D.C. – that belonging to Albert Pike. Albert Pike was a general in the Confederate Army – he was also a war criminal.  He was a part of the atrocities committed during the American Civil War using native Indians.  His military career included being arrested for treason (not by the Federal North but by his own Confederate Government).  Therefore, it is not because of any illustrious military career that he has a statue in Washington.  He has a statue honoring his life because he was the leader of the Illuminati/Freemasonic forces in America.  He was not just a leader in the administrative sense, he was (and still is) considered one of the great Illuminati/Freemasonic leaders in a ‘spiritual’ sense.  He functioned like a high priest.  This is what makes his book ‘Morals and Dogma’ one of the most definitive and authoritative books about the Illuminati/Freemasonic conspiracy.
  7. When a candidate went through the initiation rites for the grade of priest in the Illuminist system, part of the ceremony included confessing all his sins (this is a Catholic practice). At the end of these imitation rites, the candidate appeared before an altar with a crucifix (Catholic symbol), where he was first tonsured (Catholic practice of shaving the head). Then he was dressed in sacerdotal robes (Catholic practice).  Finally he is given the red Phrygian cap, with these words: “Wear this cap; it means more than the crown of kings.”  It is this red Phrygian cap that was the distinctive headgear worn by the conspirators during the French Revolution – wearing this cap was the means by which they identified one another.  [In later revolutions, it proved more practical to use the red star].
  8. When Jesuit involvement in the French Revolution is pointed out, the objection is often raised, that many Catholic priests lost their lives during the Revolution. This objection is based on the assumption that Jesuits would not kill fellow Catholics.  The facts are: when the Jesuits were suppressed their vast possessions in nations like France were largely given to a rival Catholic Order, the Dominicans.  There has always been great rivalry between the different Catholic Orders.  Of all the different Catholic Orders the Jesuits have always been considered the most extreme – the most fanatical.  Their goal was not just to punish the Papacy for suppressing them, but to take over the Papacy so that they could never be suppressed again.  They used the Revolution to destroy their opposition in the Catholic Church’s hierarchy – only Catholic priests who opposed the Jesuits lost their lives during the Revolution – the Dominicans were especially singled out for destruction.
  9. It is not easy to understand the Conspiracy without understanding the philosophy behind it. The original name of ‘Perfectibilists’ given by Weishaupt to his creation gives us a major clue to what they were/are trying to achieve.  They are trying to achieve ‘the Perfect Man.’ They believe that man has been ‘contaminated’ by civilization, and that the greatest contamination of all is Christianity.  Therefore, they have no problem with violence and destruction, because the old has to be destroyed so that the new can come forth – ‘out of chaos comes order.’  Man will eventually perfect his evolutionary journey.  He will be a perfect man – this perfect man will build paradise on earth – and he will become his own god.   We have heard this before – long ago in a garden it was said: “you shall be as gods.”

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