Signs of the Times – #44

Signs of the Times – #44

The Catholic Conquest of America (USA) – part 7

Originally posted, Nov. 5, 2014.

Quotes of the Times:

“We (the Catholic Church) are determined . . . to take possession of the United States, and rule them; but we cannot do that without acting secretly and with utmost wisdom. If our plans become known, they will surely be defeated.”  Charles Chiniquy, Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, p. 373.

“Rome is in constant conspiracy against the rights and liberties of man all over the world; but she is particularly so in the United States. Long before I was ordained a priest I knew that my Church was the most implacable enemy of this Republic. My professors of philosophy, history, and theology had been unanimous in telling me that the principles and laws of the Church of Rome were absolutely antagonistic to the laws and principles that are the foundation stones of the Constitution of the United States.”  Ibid. p. 375.

“. . . The American people must be very blind indeed, if they do not see that if they do nothing to prevent it, the day is very near when the Jesuits will rule their country, from the magnificent White House at Washington, to the humblest civil and military department of this vast Republic.” Ibid, p. 374.

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist.”  Marcus Cicero, speaking to Caesar, and the Roman Senate.

“The Protestant’s lack of a governing authority has resulted in a sheep-like obedience to civil governments. Such social compliance, coupled with capitalistic greed has made Christian fundamentalists extremely vulnerable to social engineering.” Project Vatican,

Having failed to divide the United States into two nations, the Jesuits resorted to Plan B.  Plan B was to be a multi-pronged, long term, deeply devious, and traitorous enterprise.  The Jesuits were/are the epitome of Cicero’s ‘traitors within the gate.’  The scheme for the overthrow of the United States was to operate on many levels and would transform the very structure of the American Republic, and even transform the people themselves through ‘social engineering.’

In the aftermath of the civil war, the American people were still very anti-Catholic (the vast majority of them were Protestants and they were well versed in Catholic/Protestant history).  The Jesuits set out to change the anti-Catholic attitude of the Americans and they did it through social engineering.  In order to demonstrate how they did this, we will examine just one part of the social engineering program – the media.  And in this instance just one part of the media – the movie industry.

Darryl F. Zanuck and Joseph Schenck (the founders of the Hollywood movie studio 20th Century Fox), got their business established, in 1930, with a $3 million loan from Bank of America (formerly known as the Bank of Italy, supposedly founded by, Amadeo Pietro Giannini – the son of Italian immigrants – but generally considered to be owned by the Jesuits and the Vatican).  This assertion (that the finance for the movie industry’s most successful studio came from a Jesuit/Vatican controlled bank), is supported by the movies they made – which were designed to socially engineer the American public by exalting Catholicism, and denigrating American and Christian principles.  For example:

‘Gone with the Wind’ (1939) – a movie where the Confederate soldiers are the heroes and the Northerners are the villains.  It was the highest-grossing film until the 1960’s.

‘Inherit the Wind’ (1960) – based on the 1926 Scopes ‘Money’ trial – the movie denigrated Christianity and creationism and exalted evolution.

‘Elmer Gantry’ – a movie about a drunken ‘Christian’ travelling salesman who seduces a psychic female tent evangelist.  At the end of the movie Elmer Gantry finds ‘salvation’ in the Catholic Church.

‘The Sound of Music’ – many people’s favorite movie of all time – (also the highest-grossing movie of all time – supplanting ‘Gone with the Wind’).  Most movie goers would have no idea that when watching this movie they were watching Catholic propaganda.  The heroes of the movie are the happy, jolly nuns, who save the von Trapp family from the evil Nazis.  This myth is particularly obnoxious because the exact opposite is true – after the Nazis lost WWII the Catholic Church used their nunneries and their monasteries to hide Nazi war criminals and spirit them off to refuges in South America (and the United States – the U.S took the Nazis that were useful to them, such as rocket scientists).  This Catholic clandestine network was/is known as the ‘Ratlines.’

‘Western Movies’ – where real men went to the saloon, got drunk, fought with fists and guns, and never went to church.

In addition, whenever the script for a modern movie or TV program, requires a wedding or a funeral scene, it will almost always be in a Catholic Church.  Whenever, a script requires a religious bigot, it is almost always a Protestant (or some other religion), but never a Catholic.  One major exception was the Godfather series.  These movies did not portray the Catholic Church in a positive light.  In fact, the series was a semi-accurate portrayal of the close connections between the Catholic Church and the Mafia – both of them profiting from the other.

[The purpose of the Mafia, is to terrorize the Catholic population, and keep them under control.  The famous FBI maestro, J. Edgar Hoover, for most of his law enforcement career, always denied that there was such a thing as organized crime, i.e. the Mafia did not exist.  Who was he working for?]

Have the Jesuits and the Catholic Church been successful in socially engineering a change in attitude towards Catholicism in America?  Yes they have!  After the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, there was enough recognition of the role of the Jesuits in the assassination, and there was enough fortitude on the part of the American Government to break off diplomatic relations with the Vatican (1867).  ”This decision (the breaking of diplomatic relations) was based on mounting anti-Catholic sentiment fueled by the conviction and hanging of Mary Surratt a Catholic, for taking part in the conspiracy to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln.” Wikipedia, art. Holy See, United States Relations.

This diplomatic divorce, lasted until serious efforts began to be made under President Harry Truman to restore relations.  In 1951, Truman nominated former General Mark W. Clark to be the United States emissary to the Holy See – but the Protestants were still Protestants – they rose up and demanded that the diplomatic divorce would remain in place.  Truman and the Vatican had to back off and drop the proposal.  However, just 33 years later, President Ronald Reagan proposed the same thing and this time it was evident that the Protestants had lost their Protestantism (or Protestantism was no longer strong enough to prevent it).  The Jesuits had their foot in the door – all they had to do now was to push it open.

To be continued… 


The official statement issued at the restoration of diplomatic relations, reads thus:

“The United States of America and the Holy See, in the desire to further promote the existing mutual friendly relations, have decided by common agreement to establish diplomatic relations between them at the level of embassy on the part of the United States of America, and nunciature (Catholic Church office at embassy level) on the part of the Holy See, as of today, Jan. 10, 1984.”


Of course, the change of attitude that enabled the re-establishment of diplomatic relations was not achieved by the movie industry alone.  Social engineering is a constant factor in all areas of society – but especially in the media and in education.  The media side of social engineering used to be called propaganda.  That term is now offensive.  Now, it is preferred to use the euphemistic term ‘public relations.’

In August 2014, Bank of America agreed to a near-$17 billion deal to settle claims against it relating to the sale of toxic mortgage-linked securities including subprime home loans, in what was believed to be the largest settlement in U.S. corporate history. The bank agreed with the U.S. Justice Department pay $9.65 billion in fines and $7 billion in relief to the victims of the fraudulent loans.

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