The Signs of the Times – #45

The Signs of the Times – #45

The Catholic Conquest of America (USA) – part 8

Originally posted, Dec. 23, 2014.


Quotes of the Times:

“This pressure [of the Catholic Church on American journalism] is one of the most important forces in American life, and the only one about which secrecy is generally maintained, no newspaper being brave enough to discuss it, although all fear it and believe that the problem should be dragged into the open and made publicly known.”  George Seldes, (Journalist and Dean of Investigative Reporters), ‘Lords of the Press’ (New York: Julian Messner, Inc. 1938). p. 34.


“Every city editor in the United States knows of the unofficial Catholic censorship of American news, but almost all publishers avoid discussion of the phenomenon out of fear of reprisals. The Church frequently succeeds in intimidating the most powerful newspapers by using organized protest and boycott, even though in many cases the facts suppressed have great social significance.  Through the use of organized protest and boycott, the Vatican in effect holds the power of economic life and death over many authors, editors, publishers, and producers who must rely upon American Catholics for patronage and support. The techniques are highly developed and widely used.”  Paul Blanshard, ‘American Freedom and Catholic Power’ (Beacon Press, Boston, 1949), p. 195.


“Every newspaperman knows that the most powerful pressure group in America today is the Roman Catholic Church”.  George Seldes.


“There is no completely free press in America.”  George Seldes.



A major part of the strategy of conquest, is for the Catholic Church to always be presented in a positive light.  Therefore, the Catholic Church always claims, that whatever it does, or whatever it promotes is for moral purposes and is always for the good of society – we always hear much about ‘the common good’ from the Catholic Church.  The strategy of conquest therefore always places the Catholic Church on the moral high ground (so that she can position herself as the arbitrator and leader of what is right and true and proper on any given issue at any given time).  Therefore, it is vital that any criticism that pulls the Catholic Church down from her perch must be quashed and stifled before it becomes general public knowledge.  Therefore, control over the media (or intimidation of the media) is vital for the Catholic conquest of America.


It is not generally recognised that the Catholic Church is very much organized like an army (which is necessary for any conquest).  The foot soldiers at the bottom are organised into what is called ‘Catholic Action’ – these are committees that exist at the grass roots level for the purposes of collecting information and for local ‘action’ (should it be necessary).  Every community has its own Catholic Action Committee.  However, Catholic Action is only one of a myriad of similar Catholic organizations all designed for ‘action’ in a particular area.  For example, one of the most important of these organisations, in America, is the ‘Knights of Columbus’ – this is a very influential fraternity of Catholic businesses men, designed to lobby the American political system for the Catholic agenda (the conquest of America).  However, the most formidable and feared division in this army is the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits).

Therefore, whenever the image/power/prestige of the Catholic Church is under threat, a powerful army can be mobilized to counter the threat.  If the threat is from the media, this army is galvanised to intimidate the media into silence.  The intimidation usually involves an avalanche of complaints (letters to editors, politicians etc.).  But even more effective is the threat of boycott, against the offending the media outlet.  And, Catholic boycotts even go one step further – they identify those businesses advertising in the offending media and threaten to boycott them as well – thus threatening the income revenue of the offending media.  All monitored by Catholic Action (and others) to see who is complying or not.

These Catholic control mechanisms have been revealed by the Catholics themselves.  A Jesuit priest, Chades J. Mullaly, published in an official Jesuit publication, the tactics employed to control the media.  In summary, he listed a four step programme:

  1. Do not attack a magazine or newspaper through its editorial department but act through its business office.
  2. When a magazine or newspaper is attacking your religion, write to the business manager and inform him that you will not buy the offending periodical again, and mean it.
  3. Call the attention of the merchants with whom you deal to the insults and tell them that as long as they advertise in any offending paper you will not buy their goods, and mean it.
  4. Tell your news-dealer that as long as you see the magazine or newspaper on his stand as an open insult to you, you will not buy from him, and mean it. Quoted by Paul Blanshard, ‘American Freedom and Catholic Power’ (Beacon Press, Boston, 1949), p. 198. Quoting from Father Charles J. Mullaly in the Jesuit magazine ‘America.’

During the period from August 1914 to January 17, 1917, the Knights of Columbus succeeded, according to their own report, in shutting down 60 of the 62 or 63 newspapers in the United States that published news critical of the Catholic Church.  And they bragged about it.  Reported by, C.J. Kauffman ‘Anti-Catholicism and the Knights of Columbus’ p. 239. Quoting, P. Riley, & R. Shaw, ‘Anti-Catholicism in the Media’ (Huntington, Indiana: Our Sunday Visitor, 1993).


This kind of intimidation reminds one of how the mafia works – in fact the two are one and the same.  In addition these boycott tactics are only intimidation 101 – if the 101 tactics do not work there is always 201 and 301 etc. – all the way up to assassinations.  [The Jesuits are notorious assassins – they have had a hand in the assassinations of at least 5 American Presidents – not all were successful].


In recent times, Catholic intimidation of the media has stumbled over sex scandals and the role of predatory paedophile priests.  However, do not be deceived. The entire focus of the media is on the personal failings of individual priests.  The Catholic Church has managed to stifle any discussion in the media about systemic moral failings of the Church as a whole.  In other words these individual acts of immoral priests are not a result of the ‘pure holy mother church’ – they are simply moral failings of individuals.  Therefore, in spite of these horrific abuses, the Catholic Church convinces the world yet again that it occupies the high moral ground and it still has the moral authority to pursue its political agenda under the guise of the ‘common good.’  And they are getting away with it.


To be continued…


God bless, Bruce Telfer.


Extra Note: when the book ‘American Freedom and Catholic Power’ (quoted above) was first published in 1949, the New York Times would not allow it to be advertised in its newspaper.  The Catholic army was mobilised and it was loudly vilified, and the Church hierarchy declared it a sin for Catholics to read it.  The book became a best-seller it earned the title: “the most unusual bestseller of 1949-1950.”

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