Signs of the Times – part 19

Signs of the Times – part 19


Originally posted June 13, 2012.


As the world economy continues its slow slide off the cliff, and as the road to WWIII has reached as far as Damascus (we did say Syria would be next, did we not?), it is time for something more controversial.  In times of plenty and la bonne vie, people do not want to hear anything controversial.  But when the signs of the times are looking perilous, people are more open towards possibilities and explanations that formerly would not have been countenanced.  Therefore, at the risk of suffering the worst epithets, sobriquets and calumnious slander, it is time to bring to the fore, the infamous “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” – possibly the most infamous document in world history.


The ‘learned opinion’ is that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are a forgery.  But the tricky question is: who is responsible for the forgery?  And furthermore what was/is the purpose of the forgery?  The document itself is supposedly the blueprint for the Jewish takeover of the world.  It is supposedly the record of a meeting, or meetings, of Jewish leaders where they plot and plan the establishment of a one world government, for the benefit of the Jews and for the enslavement of the ‘goyim’ (Yiddish for non-Jew – the word literally means ‘cattle’).

The document originally surfaced in Tsarist Russia and it has been particularly useful in the service of all anti-Jewish causes ever since.  Hitler made good use of it during his anti-Jewish campaign, as do the Arabs today, in their on-going struggle against Israel (Henry Ford even printed a half million copies for distribution in America).  And it is partly because of the unsavoury use to which the Protocols have been put, that the ‘learned opinion’ is that, it has to be a forgery.  And this would appear to be a reasonable conclusion (that it is a forgery), except for one major problem – almost all the plans, predictions and plots outlined in the document have come true.  And as time goes by it is becoming more and more obvious that someone, something or some organisation is exactly following the blueprint outlined in the Protocols.  One only needs to take the document and begin to read, and with the assistance of a marker pen, one can tick off all the plans that have been achieved and put into effect – and marvel at all the predictions that have come true.  The blueprint has been followed and implemented for more than one hundred years, but it is only now in these last few years that this has become more and more obvious – the one world government is just a cliff slide away.


There are three things that stand out in the Protocols.  Firstly, the authors of the document state that they are going to use the mass media to corrupt the morality of the goyim (which makes them more pliable and apathetic).  When one considers what is on offer from the movie and television industries, one would have to say that this goal has been pretty much achieved.  [In addition, great moral hazards are just a mouse click way on the internet].  Secondly, the document states that they will place business on “a speculative basis” – this has become glaringly obvious even to those who are supporters of the current economic system.  Most media business and finance commentators talk about business practice as if they are talking about the operational practices of a casino.  Recently, the great Goldman Sachs lost more than two billion dollars (and counting).  All the media commentary was about Goldman Sachs making the wrong ‘bets’ – yes business has been put on ‘a speculative basis.’  We constantly hear about the power of the ‘speculators’ in the ‘free’ market place today.  George Soros the grand-daddy of all speculators once walked off with a cool one billion of US dollars ‘betting’ against the Bank of England – “we will put business on a speculative basis” – mission accomplished.  Thirdly, the document states that the authors will control all terrorist groups and organisations, with which they will “torment the nations” until the nation-states succumb to their plans and purposes.  Are the nations of the earth being tormented by terrorists at this point in time?  How are the nations responding to these attacks?  Are the nations being pushed into passing laws that support the growth of a one world government?  Or are they still standing firmly for national and individual rights?

Unfortunately, the whole world is looking increasingly like – mission accomplished for the ‘Elders of Zion’ (whoever they might be).


To be continued…


God bless, Bruce Telfer.

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