The Signs of the Times #66

Anglo/America versus Russia

Part 2


Originally posted, Feb 8, 2020.


Quotes of the Times:

“The Raging Twenties started with a bang with the targeted assassination of Iran’s General Qasem Soleimani. Yet a bigger bang awaits us throughout the decade: the myriad declinations of the New Great Game in Eurasia, which pits the US against Russia, China and Iran, the three major nodes of Eurasia integration. Every game-changing act in geopolitics and geo-economics in the coming decade will have to be analyzed in connection to this epic clash.” Pepe Escobar, Journalist and geo-politics specialist.


“For America, the chief geopolitical prize is Eurasia…” Zbigniew Brzezinski, (former advisor to Barack Obama), The Grand Chessboard, p.30.


“We are fighting the Russians over there (Ukraine), so we don’t have to fight them here.” Adam Schiff, Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, Jan. 24, 2020.



When Donald Trump, during his 2016 campaign for president said, “I want to normalise relations with Russia,” all hell broke loose.

There are many reasons why Donald Trump is disliked and even hated, but one of the chief reasons for the anti-Trump hysteria is because, when he said, “I want to normalize relations with Russia” – it indicated that he was not an imperialist. And his slogan “Make America Great Again” made it clear that he was the opposite of an imperialist – he was a nationalist. This did not sit well with the ruling faction in America, the neo-conservatives (neo-cons).

The neo-cons are imperialists/globalists, and they oppose any one, or any nation, that resists their imperial/globalist ambitions. The nation that is most active in opposing the neo-cons is Russia. The nation that is most active in organising world-wide resistance to the neo-cons is Russia. Therefore, the neo-cons hate Russia – any rapprochement with Russia must be resisted – therefore, the ‘Russia Gate’ hoax was invented to destroy any normalization of relations with Russia.

During the Second World War, America and Russia (then the Soviet Union) were allies. But as soon as the hot war (WWII) finished, the Cold War started. The American strategy to defeat communism was based on containing Soviet influence. To this end, a broad arc of American military bases was built all around the periphery of the Eurasian landmass in an effort to contain Soviet expansionism. Major wars were fought (Korean War, Vietnam War), and in addition, numerous proxy wars were fought all over the globe. One side’s freedom fighters were the other side’s terrorists and visa versa.

The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. The problem with the Soviet Union was that it could not compete with America economically and financially. America had a huge economic advantage over the Soviet Union. Just as Great Britain dominated world trade when it was an empire, so too, does America. Just as this trade monopoly generated huge wealth for the British, so too, does the American monopoly generate huge wealth for America. The British carried world trade in their ships, America ‘carries’ world trade by their dollar.

The American dollar is the world reserve currency. This means that all nations have to earn American dollars before they can trade. This creates a huge demand for American dollars. Therefore, America can print as many dollars as it likes, beyond the needs of its own economy. America won the Cold War by outspending the Soviet Union.

The fall of the Soviet Union created a power vacuum in the international arena. The neo-cons got busy writing reports proclaiming that the next century would be America’s century. According to the neo-cons, the fall of the Soviet Union, was America’s chance to dominate the world – to be the world hegemon – to create a unipolar world with America at its centre. The neo-cons came to power with the election of George Bush II, in 2000, and after the shock of 9/11, they had the excuse they needed to activate what has come to be called the Wolfowitz Doctrine (named after Paul Wolfowitz, one of the neo-cons chief theorists).

The Wolfowitz Doctrine is based on ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ (dominance of land, sea, air, and outer space). Dominance over all these areas was necessary because the central plank of the Wolfowitz Doctrine is to create a unipolar world. This doctrine required action, to prevent any other nation, on this earth, to rise to a position of power, whereby it could challenge American dominance and hegemony. Unfortunately for the neo-cons this is exactly what happened – Russia rose from the ruins of the Soviet Union like the proverbial Phoenix.

The recovery of Russia is largely due to the efforts of one man – Vladimir Putin. He went to war against the Russian oligarchs (the opportunists who bought up the ruins of the Soviet Union for next to nothing and became billionaires). Putin wrestled control of Russia from the oligarchs (most of whom went into exile) and his next goal was to ‘make Russia great again.’ Which he did. This of course engendered the wrath of the neo-cons. A powerful Russia dominating the Eurasian landmass was their worst nightmare. And there was worse to come.

Capitalism always gravitates to where it can find the cheapest labour. Therefore, American corporations flocked to China, to set up shop there and export their Chinese manufactured goods back to America, and the world at large. Eventually, this had the effect of making China ‘great again.’ So, now there were two rising powers on the Eurasian landmass. And there was worse to come.

Traditionally, China and Russia have been rivals and enemies (they even fought border wars as recently as the 1960’s). However, the neo-con/Wolfowitz Doctrine dictated that, everything must be done to prevent nations rising to challenge American dominance. Therefore, America has been sanctioning Russia economically and financially and threatening to do the same to any nation or corporation that does not comply with these sanctions (something similar is happening to China, with the Trump initiated trade wars. But sanctioning China is almost impossible because of American investment in China).

Therefore, neo-con opposition to Russia and China, has resulted in pushing China and Russia together. They have reconciled their differences and have become allies and business partners. For example, Russia has just completed gas pipelines to China. Most of this business and trading activity is done in their own national currencies, not in American dollars. And there was worse to come.

In opposition to America’s unipolar world, China and Russia are actively trying to create a multipolar world. In co-operation with Brazil, India and South Africa, they have formed a loose alliance called BRICS. This is not just on a diplomatic level but also economic and financial (the BRICS have established the New Development Bank together). China has also, created investment institutions such as the Silk Road Infrastructure Fund and the Asian Infra Investment Bank. These investment institutions are going to operate in opposition to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (both of which are dominated by America). And even some of America’s western allies have joined these Chinese investment institutions. But there was worse to come.

In 2013 the Chinese Government announced the One Belt One Road initiative – an infrastructure investment project involving 70 countries. Finally, the nightmare scenario first envisioned by the British, was about to come to fruition, whereby the Eurasian landmass was going to be unified by a fast rail network from China to Western Europe. Unifying the Eurasian land mass by rail is the belt. The belt is to be projected further into the world by being connected to ports which will connect Eurasia to the rest of the world – this is the road (a maritime road). All the business and trade transacted through this network will be done in currencies other than the American dollar. Thus, if this new silk road is completed, the centre of the world will be Eurasia and not North America. The 21st Century will be China and Russia’s century, not America’s.

This is why Pepe Escobar is correct (see quotation above). There is a showdown coming. It is already happening (see extra notes below). This is why Russia is constantly being sanctioned and demonized. This is why there is constant war, trouble and strife on the Eurasian landmass (Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iran, Ukraine etc.). The new great game has already started…


God bless, Bruce Telfer.


Extra note: There is a palpable rise in tensions between the nations. Most of this tension is generated by the rivalry over the Eurasian landmass. This tension spills over into all aspects of life. For example, in the business world, there is huge conflict over who is going to build the new 5G network. The Chinese company Huawei, is generally favoured around the world for quality at the cheapest price, but that is unacceptable to America. Recently Donald Trump was recorded shouting over the phone to the British prime minister about Britain’s decision to use Huawei.


Another example is the pipeline wars. Western Europe is totally dependent on Russian gas, which used to come in pipelines across the Ukraine. But because Ukraine has become an unreliable partner, Russia has built pipelines bypassing Ukraine across the Black Sea to Turkey (and from there into Europe), and through the Baltic Sea to Germany. America sanctioned the company building the Baltic pipeline, and the company (Allseas) duly complied and abandoned the project. Russia has vowed to complete it.


Extra note: Does the recent appearance of the coronavirus outbreak in China have anything to do with this geo-political showdown? When it is acknowledged that this virus is an engineered bio-weapon, then the answer is obviously, yes! Researchers at Cambridge University, England, have stated that, the: “World must prepare for biological weapons that target ethnic groups based on genetics.” Source:


Has this already happened? Is the coronavirus an engineered bio-weapon? Researchers, in India, have proven that the HIV virus has been inserted into the coronavirus (also flu virus and SAR virus). This could only have been done artificially. But they do not claim it is ethnic specific (but others do). Sources:


An American Senator does not believe the official story about the origins of coronavirus. Source:

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