Signs of the Times #46

Signs of the Times #46


The Conquest of America (USA) – part 9


Originally posted, Jan. 4, 2015.


Quotes of the Times:

“Today (1912) they (the Jesuits) are stronger in the United States than ever were in any of the countries of Europe which expelled them as a menace to the government.”   Jeremiah J. Crowley, (ex- Catholic priest) ‘Romanism: A Menace to the Nation’, The Menace Publishing Co., Aurora, Missouri, (1912), pp. 195,196.

“An interesting proof of Jesuit prestige and power in this country (America) is the existence, in the shadow of the Capital, at Washington, of the Jesuit School for Foreign Service, opened a few years ago through the instrumentality of an Irish-American, Fr. Edmund Walsh, SJ.  At this school of diplomatic service, said to be the largest of its kind in America, young Americans are trained to guide the future fortunes of the Republic.  There is no small irony in this situation…It is quite within the power of the General to dictate the principles and theories to be taught by the Jesuits at Washington…one cannot forget the words of the Pope, Clement XIV, who accused them of ‘rising up against the very kings who admitted them into their countries…’” Boyd Barrett (ex-Jesuit Priest), ‘The Jesuit Enigma’, (Boni and Liveright, New York, 1927), p.32.

In 1953, Norman Dodd, a New York investment banker was chosen to be the research director for the Reece Committee (a House of Representatives committee that was investigating the status of tax-exempt foundations).  In the course of Norman Dodd’s investigations, the Carnegie Foundation allowed access to their records, for a period of two weeks.  An examination of the minutes revealed the following facts:

  1. In 1908 (when the foundation was created) the first thing the trustees discussed was how to alter the whole society of the United States (social engineering).
  2. They concluded that the best option for altering society was war.
  3. They further concluded that in order to get America into a war they would have to infiltrate and take over the State Department (foreign office of the US Govt.).
  4. The minutes also revealed that during WW1, the trustees sent a telegram to President Wilson advising him not to allow the war to end too early, so that the changes they wanted to see could take place.
  5. After WW1 the minutes revealed that the trustees were anxious that the US not revert back to conditions prior to WW1 – in order to prevent reversion they concluded that they would have to control public education in America.
  6. They considered that controlling education was a large task, so they approached the Rockefeller Foundation and an agreement was reached to share the task.
  7. The first thing they did was to enlist further assistance from the Guggenheim Foundation which specialized in providing University Scholarships.
  8. Guggenheim agreed to sponsor only those students recommended by Carnegie and Rockefeller. The long term goal was to alter the teaching of American History.

Why history?  Lenin said: “If you control the past you control the future, and if you control the present then you control the past.”  In other words, if you can alter the way people see and understand the past, then you can steer them (and society as a whole) in a certain direction and dictate the future.  A US Senator recognized already in 1928, that the history of the Catholic Church and its past atrocities and abuses were no longer a part of the school history curriculum:

“In the public schools the Catholics have stealthily introduced textbooks written by Jesuits; and your children are being taught that the Roman church was misunderstood in the past; that it’s doctrines are not fatal to humanity and gospel religion; that its record is not saturated with the blood of innocent millions, murdered by Papal persecutors, and that there never was such a monstrosity as the alleged sale of papal pardons of sins.” Thomas E. Watson, US Senator, ‘Roman Catholics in America Falsifying History and Poisoning the Minds of Protestant School Children’, 1928,  p. 5.

What this indicates is that the foundations and the Jesuits are natural allies.  They both want to radically alter the American Republic and the whole of American society.  This radical social engineering is not confined to history, or education in general, (for example, the foundations control all aspects of the medical profession).  The Jesuits and the foundations have seized all the levers that can be pulled and all the buttons that can be pushed to achieve their goals.  And their ultimate goal is the socialization of American society.  [Dodd was personally told (by the head of the Carnegie Foundation) that the ultimate goal of the foundations was to bring America into harmony with the Soviet system – as practised by the old Soviet Union].  This goal necessitated the dumbing down of the education system.  David Rockefeller famously said: “I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers” (just like the Soviet system/communism).

In addition, and pursuant to these goals (the socialization of America), the Jesuits have their own extensive network of schools, colleges and universities (and the Catholic Church has an even bigger network).  The Jesuits have always used education to further their goals (they were once called the ‘school masters of Europe’ – and they are still rated highly, by many, as the greatest educationalists).  Georgetown University, in Washington D.C. is a classic example of the power and influence of Jesuit education.  If a young American aspires to a career with the US Govt. (the State Department being the most prestigious career path), then Georgetown’s School for Foreign Service is considered to be a virtual guarantee for future employment with the State Department.  What did the Carnegie trustees seek to capture and control?  That’s right – the State Department.  The foundations and the Jesuits are natural allies.  They both want to alter the American republic and they are both successfully doing it through education.

To be continued…

God bless, Bruce Telfer.

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