Signs of the Times – part 3

Signs of the Times – part 3


Quotes of the day:

“If you want to control nations you have to control oil – if you want to control people you have to control food.”  Henry Kissinger.


“Oil is far too important a commodity, to be left in the hands of the Arabs.”  Henry Kissinger.

Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger are like Siamese twins. They both share the same ideology and the same ruthless methods for achieving the agenda that they are following. It would appear that they took turns at being “the power behind the throne.” After Carter was tipped out of office, Kissinger took over for eight years with the Reagan Administration. Now Brzezinski is behind the curtains again. We find the agenda they are following spelt out clearly in Brzezinski’s book “The Grand Chess Board. These are the main points:

  1. If you want to control the world, you have to control Eurasia (the continents of Asia and Europe combined – (because this is where the bulk of the world’s population and the bulk of the world’s resources are located).
  2. If you want to control Eurasia you have to control the centre of Eurasia.
  3. If you want to control the centre of Eurasia, you have to control an ellipses shaped piece of territory that starts in the north with the Caspian Sea basin and extends to the south to include Saudi Arabia (this is because, this vast territory contains 70% of the world’s proven oil reserves).

This is the plan, and this is why America and its allies are currently in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya etc., and soon to be in Syria which is the next stop on the road to Iran and the Third World War.

At this point we need to back off a bit, and consider some further background information to make this more understandable. You see all of this is inevitable. It is inevitable because of the fatal flaw in the Babylonian economic system. And the fatal flaw is that, the Babylonian economic system requires constant growth and an inexhaustible supply of resources. If these conditions are met, then the system will function albeit in a dysfunctional manner (boom – bust – boom – bust – boom – bust – bust –boom – I think you get the general idea). The Babylonian system has been around for hundreds – even several thousand years. But for simplicities sake, we can say that it kicked into high gear with the establishment of the Bank of England in 1694 (which was a private bank masquerading as the bank of the nation – just like the Federal Reserve in America today). It was this bank and the finance that it provided to the government and businesses that largely contributed to the rapid rise to power of England and the founding of the British Empire. But the other side of the coin is this: the British where compelled to expand and grow, they were compelled to establish an empire because the economic system that they were now under forced them to do it – not that they were complaining – they of course enjoyed the fruits of empire and living standards for most generally rose. Everything worked out fine as long as there were new lands to discover, full of resources to exploit, and excess population to move to these new lands and establish new nations. All of this growth required money and there were eager hands willing to borrow it into existence (that’s how money is created) and willing and able to pay the interest. As long as there is endless growth, expansion and limitless resources the Babylonian system will work. But obviously it cannot work forever, because the world is a finite place.

America has now taken over the British role in the world and it is operating under the same economic system with the same flaws. This is why America, in order to survive has to expand and grow in the same manner that Britain did. But the world is a much more dangerous place now – full of weapons of mass destruction. When Britain was doing her thing, she only had to put up with spears and a few arrows. So empire building today is done differently – it is done with debt. Debt has become a weapon of mass destruction.

When a business falls into bankruptcy the receivers are called in to sort out the mess (which is just a local law and accounting firm specializing in restructuring debt). When nations go bankrupt the receivers are also called in, but this time it is not the local law firm it is the International Monetary Fund (IMF). When the IMF is called in to “restructure” a nation this is in effect, the point where that nation joins the “empire” (unless they rebel such as Peru – which is an interesting unfinished story).

So, shifting back to the main story, we can perhaps get a glimpse of the economic forces that are propelling America and her allies towards risky adventures in Eurasia and the Third World War. It is appropriate at this point to repeat Taylor’s analysis of the cause of war: “No matter what political reasons are given for war, the underlying reason is always economic.” A. J. P. Taylor, British Historian.

To be continued…


Extra Note: It is relatively easy to fix the systemic flaws in the Babylonian economic system. All that needs to be done is to introduce money and credit into circulation without debt. Governments simply need to take the right to issue money and credit away from private banks and give it to themselves. They can then issue money into circulation to pay for their own expenses (thus alleviating the tax burden on the people). Can it be so simple, you ask? Yes it is so simple. The cat has been out of the bag before – both American presidents Lincoln and Kennedy did it. They both authorised their governments to issue money in the name of the government. So they both side lined the banks and deprived the banks of their profits – what else do Lincoln and Kennedy have in common?

God Bless, Bruce Telfer.

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